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ISTANBUL - Hürriyet

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Turkey recently launched a campaign to retrieve Turkish children in European countries who have been taken from their parents and given to Christian couples, starting the process by taking back children from gay and lesbian couples.

One of the main cases included in the campaign revolves around 9-year-old Yunus, who was taken from his parents at the age of six months after his parents allegedly dropped him on the ground. The child was then placed under the care of a lesbian couple in the Netherlands.

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ instructed Turkish representatives in foreign countries to jumpstart the process to take Yunus back from the family, including making official contacts with the Dutch government.

Turkish Parliament’s Human Rights Commission was also instructed to conduct searches in other countries and prepare a report on the matter.

Commission head Ayhan Sefer Üstün said custody of the child was “a sacred right” that should not be decided through administrative services.

“It requires for a judicial process,” Üstün said. “We don’t condemn that culture, but the child has been given to a foreign culture, to a lesbian family. Even if a child is taken from the family for the right reasons, he or she should be placed with a family closer to his or her culture.”

The Azeroğlu family that Yunus was taken from had applied to courts previously for his return, but the courts rejected the application, allegedly because the mother didn’t speak any Dutch.

Turkish authorities will also be applying to courts citing a violation of human rights and psychological damage done to the child. Bozdağ also said they would start official procedures on the governmental level with the Dutch state.


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Notice on comments

mara mcglothin

5/6/2013 8:55:43 PM

USOBSERVER There is no proof that gay parents are bad. Afterall, it was hetero parents who created them. This is all very sad, when you think of all the other things going on right now that needs the governments attention. Uprooting a child, who is reportedly happy and secure, is not in his best interests.

US Observer

5/6/2013 5:11:53 PM

@ hans - a person of faith would argue God decided what was natural. After all, it was not Adam and Adam. A non religious person could still argue "natural" would be an act that could lead to creation. There is an order of things in nature, same sex is not natural, it's an anomaly. I don't think the child should be sent to Turkey or even a Muslim home, but definitely sent to a straight couple if he has no family. @ mara- are we supposed to common sense when it comes to impressionable children?

Sean Ling

5/6/2013 8:18:47 AM

Part 2. I feel extremely sorry for Yunus and other children in his situation that they might be removed from families they have grown to love and who love them because of the religious prejudice and homophobia of the Turkish and Russian Governments. How disgusting that a government would put a child through this for its own political and ends. Shame!!!!

Sean Ling

5/6/2013 8:05:15 AM

Part 1. Children are not removed from their parents simply because they are 'dropped' on one occasion. Protective Services go through a process of investigating and substantiating suspected abuse before taking the extremely difficult decision to remove a child. It seems readers have little understanding of this process and the media, including Hürriyet, have little interest in educating people about these processes.

hanene hanene

2/28/2013 4:46:03 PM

Part2: I think that the most important is to respect parents culture. It's a part of the child identity. He or she will be able to do his/her own choices after growing up.

hanene hanene

2/28/2013 4:40:31 PM

Part1: I think that it is a very complicated point. We have to put ourselves in the place of parent's child. Imagine that, and hope not, you die in car accident and that your own child is adopted by parents that have very different ideas than you. For example parents that belong to a sectarian group or even parents from Talibans groups to push the reflection further. I know that it is not the same situation that we have here, but all depends on our paradigm and our system of beliefs.

Barbara Shepard

2/27/2013 7:34:48 PM

What are the "violation of human rights and psychological damage done to the child', if the adopting parents love, and care for its needs. The UK used to have a policy of placing adopted children with parents of a similar background: ethnicity and culture but now the emphasis is on the quality of care first and foremost, qualities that are not the perogative of one set of people over another. These court cases will be detrimantal to these childrens' welfare.

mara mcglothin

2/27/2013 4:54:01 PM

TURK UZAN The article is not clear. In English, saying the child was dropped "could" mean he was abandoned on the street. So don't blame GEIR for his misrepresentation. It is poor translation. If the parent dropped the child, then that is completely different than "dropping the kid off" somewhere. Bad translation requires further investigation because I read it to mean the child had been left somewhere.

Barbara Shepard

2/27/2013 3:24:42 PM

The focus on the Gay, Lesbian and Christian character of these adopters shows an extemely predudiced method of returning these children to their biological parents. All nations and ethnicities have a similar ratio of gay to straight. It cant be engineered by parenting. If these children were unjustly removed it must be most upsetting for the parents, but if they were abused by them how will this help the kids. If the children are happy in their current life a different arrangement is needed.

mara mcglothin

2/26/2013 8:45:12 PM

ENDER It is proven that children do NOT need to be exposed to sexual activity regardless of what kind of sexual orientation. There is absolutely no proof that homosexuals raise homosexual children at all. A loving home is a great place for a child, period. Oh and of course, the grand conspiracy that the Dutch somehow targeting poor little Turkish children? CBMAYS has an important thought. This poor child would be exposed to more trauma by being ripped away from the only parents he has known
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