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Watch your language while defending Atatürk

AKİF BEKİ writes:

The jerks that have insulted Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, are actually making a living out of animosity toward Atatürk. They go by saying that this is “unofficial history.” They tell obscene rumors claiming that they are secrets hidden from the public

Comment(s) 5/12/2017

The two faces of the ‘Yes’ campaign

AKİF BEKİ writes:

One part attracted voters, the other part pushed voters away.

Comment(s) 4/27/2017

The end of smear politics in Turkey

AKİF BEKİ writes:

You must not criminalize half of the nation for its preferences. You must not say they side with terrorists. You must not demonize them, see them as enemies, and accuse them of being traitors.

Comment(s) 4/21/2017

Wrong message worth $100 million to al-Assad

AKİF BEKİ writes:

The chemical massacre in Syria’s Idlib drove U.S. President Donald Trump crazy; he was blinded by anger, he ordered the Shayrat Air Base, which was used for the attack, to be hit badly.

Comment(s) 4/10/2017

Political debates around the Red Army Choir

AKİF BEKİ writes:

It was the other night when two opposing winds were blowing against each other on Twitter. One trending topic was thundering with “The Red Army Choir should not give a concert.”

Comment(s) 4/7/2017

Are we not electing what is best for Turkey?

AKİF BEKİ writes:

Columnist Yılmaz Özdil, it is reported, wrote weeks ago about this campaign commercial. He said this video clip was prepared months ago and that the right time for it to be broadcast was being sought. Now, this film has been posted on social media.

Comment(s) 4/6/2017

Second Zarrab mystery

AKİF BEKİ writes:

Look at the coincidence; Reza Zarrab was caught at Miami Airport on March 19 last year and was arrested on March 22.

Comment(s) 3/31/2017

Iran scored an own goal at Nevruz

AKİF BEKİ writes:

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani was bragging on March 13, saying the Turkish government was making “inappropriate statements” and advising it to “be wise.” He even called on Iranian citizens to boycott Turkey

Comment(s) 3/23/2017

Beware the wrath of the ‘TR Diplomacy’ Twitter account

AKİF BEKİ writes:

There is a Twitter account called “TR Diplomacy.” It looks like it is the work of the Turkish Prime Ministry’s Office of Public Diplomacy. I am following them; they are actually doing a good job.

Comment(s) 3/18/2017

Wealth running away from Turkey

AKİF BEKİ writes:

I have been searching for an answer to this question for years; if it is true that each government creates its own rich, where are the rich classes of this government?

Comment(s) 3/6/2017

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