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Turkish PM visits an imam hatip. AA Photo

Turkish PM visits an imam hatip. AA Photo

Students living in Istanbul's European-side district of Sultangazi who failed to earn good enough marks to enter the advanced Anatolian High School system or a vocational school have been enrolled in the religious imam-hatip schools without their knowledge, daily Hürriyet reported.
Nearly 3,000 students were prevented from enrolling the Anatolian and vocational schools following the entrance tests, and most of those were subsequently enrolled in religious imam-hatip schools against their wishes.
One parent claimed that despite selecting vocational schools on the forms, his son was forced to attend an imam-hatip school instead.
"We were told that there were no more vacancies in other schools," the father told Hürriyet. "My son does not want to attend an imam-hatip. We are Alevis. They disregard that and force everyone to attend imam-hatips."
Another Alevi parent also claimed that her daughter was enrolled in an imam-hatip even though they had selected three different vocational schools.
Other parents also confirmed that they had selected vocational schools on their forms but that their children were all placed in imam-hatip schools.
"My child doesn't want to go [to an imam-hatip]," another father said. "They are toying around with their futures."


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Notice on comments

US Observer

9/26/2012 8:23:54 PM

Sad to say but while Turks sat on the sideline and watched their military being cleansed not wanting to see the obvious, the AKP has swiftly removed any obosition to things like this. Who is there to keep the extremist in check now? It's only going to get worse...

mara mcglothin

9/26/2012 6:45:51 PM

JRC My husband just came back from visiting and my relatives for the first time sent some quidelines about my talking style when conversing with them, even online. There are now things that they do not wish to hear me say for fear of being overheard,so the middle class is now afraid. They don't know what/who is spying listening..and on and on.. Very scary for Americans. But for the first time Turks are scared also. Very upsetting.

Ahmetcan Caglayan

9/26/2012 6:39:28 PM

Journalists thrown in jail, a man complaining about Gul thrown in jail, now this? Vote the AKP out of office. This is not freedom, not what Ataturk and our forefathers fought for.

Murun Buchstansangur

9/26/2012 6:30:59 PM

How simply awful. Not only do these kids not get a proper education, they have to endure the banality of religious indoctrination. What a miserable prospect. Turkey's economic boom seems to have been insufficient to provide basic education for its children, free of hocus pocus, and yet the building of mosques goes on and on. Backward.

Joshua Bronxman

9/26/2012 4:56:56 PM

This move on the part of the government doesn't bode well for a future well educated citizenry. It also doesn't appear that religious instruction is very popular and can only be instituted by forceful indoctrination. Religious training should be voluntary and outside of the compulsory educational system - as it is in more advanced countries.


9/26/2012 3:59:49 PM

@Joie M.G, the AKP are people who change laws at a whim. If they suspected many schools would indeed choose to be independent, they would introduce legislation to prevent it. There is no popular will to stop them as most Turks have spent decades being ruled and told what is best for them, and have a fatalism that keeps them from fighting back.

mara mcglothin

9/26/2012 3:50:30 PM

Time for these parents to reconsider who they are voting for each year! There are some things more important than the economy, and it is going to tank anyday now anyway. And so it begins.

american american

9/26/2012 3:38:48 PM

the government wants to ban the innocence of muslims and apparently the innocence of youth


9/26/2012 3:34:39 PM

Time for some Turkish spring maybe.

Salih Salih

9/26/2012 1:51:53 PM

This way, the government can announce that these schools are popular and the attendance and demand is high!! They will force the situation to ensure more of these schools, than proper places of education and learning
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