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NEW YORK - Hürriyet Daily News

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In this image from files provided by the family, Sarai Sierra is shown in an undated family photo, in New York. AP photo

In this image from files provided by the family, Sarai Sierra is shown in an undated family photo, in New York. AP photo

Steven Sierra, the husband of murdered American tourist Sarai Sierra, has told his children that their mother was hurt in a trip to Turkey and died, according to a New York Daily News report.

Sierra spoke to reporters after arriving in New York, saying he was not reading the reports coming from Turkey anymore because they were too overwhelming.

“I had to be honest...unfortunately,” he told reporters. “I told them their mommy got hurt and she died.”

Sierra expressed gratitude for the international support his family had received: “How I’m doing personally, it’s a nightmare, but I have to say with the amount of love and support we’ve been receiving from family friends, strangers and even from the media, from you guys, there is a lot of sympathy out there that’s been very heartfelt. It is comforting, you know, to some degree and we appreciate that and I want to thank everybody and once again I do want to thank the authorities who have been working very hard and still currently are working very hard over in Turkey to solve this case. At this time, unfortunately, as far as how the investigation is going I really can’t say because they’re working right now to solve this case but there’s nothing new to say. As I mentioned before, when new information comes out I’d be willing to share that, when I get it myself.”

Regarding the more salacious reports in the Turkish media, Sierra said he was not reading them.
“I’m not reading anything at all, I’m not, it’s too overwhelming,” he said. “Thank you guys and God bless.”

Sarai Sierra’s funeral will be held on Feb.15 in New York.


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Notice on comments

Dan Keegan

2/10/2013 9:22:57 AM

Turkish law enforcement need to excercise some sort of control in this matter to demonstrate they are on top of the situation. As it stands now, the story changes every single day. It's bad enough that this woman was murdered in Turkey, which does not enhance Turkey's image globally, but these cockroaches of Turkish society are literally coming out of the woodwork and engaging in defamation of character of the victim. These idiots don't even know her. This is Turkish society? Disgusting.

Conn Sffe

2/9/2013 7:35:41 PM

They are a poor family. Their church had to make a collection for the husband and brother to go toTurkey to find her. Obviously she took the little savings if any for her trip. They call her a photographer but she owns no camera, maybe she cannot afford one she was taken pictures with her phone. That does not seem to me she is a photographer.I don't know. Personally,I think that her and Tayland had a plan to meet, something went wrong there.

lara ulusoy

2/9/2013 12:57:13 PM

Ali Benjamin, I couldn't agree more! I am not against the right to be free at all, but as I always say and believe, such freedoms should be 'disciplined' freedoms. I find it unacceptable that she did not put her children as a priority and worst of all, wandering off with a strange man while she was a wife of another and a mother of two. If she was single, it would have been different and what she did was her own busness.i Anyway, a very sad story for the children to know about even later on.

Not Here

2/9/2013 9:38:43 AM

@ Joe Maddin - Why should he tell his children that their mother was looking for sexual adventures? So he can attempt to dehumanize her, like the media, by reporting such nonsense, and you? Do all the other people who come here looking for easy and quick sex deserve to have their skulls cracked and killed? It is nonsense for the media to report such things but it seems their tactic is working. Whether she was looking for sexual adventures or carrying drugs, whatever, she did not deserve that.

Pepe Ronnie

2/8/2013 11:10:35 PM

I hope the FBI and Turkish police figure this out. Things are not what they seem even with all of this coming out now.

Ali Benjamin

2/8/2013 9:56:44 PM

Can we get back to absolute basics regarding this sad case? I mean, what in the heck is this woman doing running off on a trip like this in the first place WITHOUT her husband?!, let alone her kids. Why did he allow her to do this in the first place?! He sure jetted-off to Istanbul quickly when he knew there was trouble. So why didn't he jet-off with her initially on her trip?! I'm sure they could have made plans to ultimately go TOGETHER. That is what being married is all about - TOGETHERNESS!!

C B Mays

2/8/2013 5:38:42 PM

The children need to know. What would they think if they are not told and their mother never returns. If they are young, they will adjust in time. That is human nature.

joe Maddin

2/8/2013 4:27:14 PM

Why didn't he tell his children that their mother was looking for sexual adventures before he died? Information that he had sex with her killer are drowned into a politically correct family melodrama..

Anderson Joel

2/8/2013 4:16:26 PM

Well my sympathy to the farmily but they made a great mistake,however who is TARKAN OR TAYLAN,why is the mans identity being withheld,so someone from a good farmily could not be exposed if he committs a crime,terrible country we are living in..

mistique holland

2/8/2013 3:56:33 PM

And who is this "Taylan" Tarkan??He is from a good family the media says...and that means...what....and why are people held in darkness about his identity....Because he is from a good family maybe????This reeks...and not so pleasant.
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