LOCAL > Riot police resort to tear gas to quell 'justice marchers' hoping to make statement at Gezi Park

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency

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Peace and Democracy (BDP) deputy Ertuğrul Kürkçü (C) and Islamic scholar Ali İhsan Eliaçık had also joined the marchers prior to the police crackdown. DHA photo

Peace and Democracy (BDP) deputy Ertuğrul Kürkçü (C) and Islamic scholar Ali İhsan Eliaçık had also joined the marchers prior to the police crackdown. DHA photo

Riot police in Istanbul intervened once more against a demonstration, using tear gas to disperse a small group of protesters including a Peace and Democracy (BDP) deputy and an Islamic scholar, who had gathered to march to Gezi Park on Aug. 20.

A group including three young protesters who had traveled to Istanbul on foot from the southern province of Antalya in a "justice march" had gathered near the İnönü Stadium to walk to Gezi Park, where they had intended to issue a press statement.

The marchers had previously visited Ankara and Eskişehir to leave carnations at the spots where Ethem Sarısülük and Ali İsmail Korkmaz were killed. Sarısülük died after he was shot by a police officer during the early days of the protests, while Korkmaz succumbed to his wounds after he was beaten by a group of plainclothes baton-wielding men.

Their march started in Antalya on July 18, and was due to finish at Gezi Park, the symbolic heart of the anti-government protests that hit Turkey through the summer.

BDP Mersin deputy Ertuğrul Kürkçü and Ali İhsan Eliaçık, the public face of the Anti-Capitalist Muslims group, which became a key player in the Gezi protests, also joined the group.

After issuing warnings, riot police officers physically blocked the protesters, who sat on the floor refusing to leave. One demonstrator had an epileptic attack after tear gas was fired by the police and was immediately taken to hospital. No detentions were reported in the incident.


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Notice on comments

american american

8/22/2013 11:41:36 AM

you are right, the gezi protesters are peaceful, while the muslim brotherhood use guns, throw people from buildings, attack christians and shi'a, burn churches, kill off duty policemen, storm government buildings, and threaten car bombings. my apologies to the turkish resistance.

daniel karr

8/21/2013 11:49:30 PM

amrican dont compare Egypt with these Gezi Park "protesters" ...nothing to do ...

american american

8/21/2013 8:00:34 PM

funny daniel, the egyptian army said the same thing....

s e

8/21/2013 5:30:44 PM

@danielkarr how come you said this? have you ever been in istanbul? where did you follow occupy gezi protests? these protestors were very peaceful as our every protests were very peaceful. we are not like arabians. we did not have guns. we just used our rights to protests.. and still trying to use it with heavy police attacks.. #heryertaksimheryerdirenis

daniel karr

8/21/2013 4:24:54 PM

Well said Nadiri ! these are Not peaceful protesters at all !

mara mcglothin

8/21/2013 3:52:42 PM

Exactly CILGIN! We have selective policing of protestors in Turkey. I don't have to tell you which groups are the ones who get the Ottoman Slap.

american american

8/21/2013 3:35:26 PM

look at egypt on the tv! do not look out your window! akp are the biggest supporters of the coup. this is why they use imflammatory rhetoric and now change the topic to israel, just so they can bring out the tomas, gas, and head bashings

Çılgın Kanarya

8/21/2013 3:30:59 PM

NADİRİ BAŞARAN, has it completely gone over your head that these marchers were peacefully campaigning for justice for 5 people who were murdered by Erdoğan's police, and who are no longer able to "get on with life", as you put it? Would you speak with such crass insensitivity if these dedicated marchers were trying to raise awareness of the murder of a member of your own family? Erdoğan has said "WE WİLL NOT SURRENDER OUR POLİCE", so who is really "bloody minded"? Wake up Nadiri.

Ashley Meyer

8/21/2013 2:48:23 PM

Israel behind this?.... again?....

s e

8/21/2013 12:50:47 PM

police became an army of goverment. they are not working for people.. they are not human. they just act like robots to ordinary people which are not armed tho !! we will never forgive them.. they will pay back
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