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RedHack disclosed a list of military personnel stationed at the 2nd Commando Brigade.

RedHack disclosed a list of military personnel stationed at the 2nd Commando Brigade.

The socialist RedHack group disclosed a list of military personnel stationed at the Turkish military's 2nd Commando Brigade today. 
The list was made available as a spreadsheet that the hacking group uploaded to Google Documents.
The personnel list included the officers and specialist sergeants stationed at the brigade in the northwestern province of Bolu, with information on their dates and places of birth, date they joined military service, rank and area of specialization, such as "sniper," "demolitions expert" or "medic." 
RedHack announced the leak with the message, "Think of what foreign agencies are capable of achieving if we were able to obtain this list. Here is a small example of the situation the country's protectors are in."
The group continued their message, saying: "We will criticize – in our own way – an army that chose so stubbornly not to give rights to its non-commissioned officers and denied U.S. involvement in Uludere massacre. The sons of ranking officers [in this army] are sent to study abroad while conscripts are made to march toward certain death." 
RedHack continued to say that the Turkish Armed Forces chose to be "an army of the United States instead of an army of the [Turkish] people."
The hacking group added they did not publicize any information that could put the military personnel in danger. "What we have made public is what was already known to foreign [intelligence] services and to the [Fethullah Gülen] community. We are on the side of the people and the righteous," the message from RedHack said.


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american american

6/13/2012 7:53:45 PM

mr somalia, please ask the turks (uighurs) in china, the tibetans, the koreans, and south east asians how they feel about the chinese. apparently china is 'using' a lot of resources out east and will soon come to africa for more. remember, people used to welcome america with open arms...

US Observer

6/13/2012 4:21:09 PM

You exemplify why I sincerly wish we would change our foreign aid and foreign policy KC. It's absurd how much money (Billions of tax payer and charities) and food we have sent to your country and Continent. What a waste! We go in to help remove a Warlord that starves his own people for power and in return we are the bad guys. Got to love it! But we are "users"..I forgot. China would of ate popcorn and watch you all starve..great counntry that is.

MR Somalia

6/13/2012 11:11:34 AM

Keep exposing them because its clear to us all the Turkish army is becoming like another Saudia -- yes America, yes Washington. You will end up where Pakistan ended up. Don't be snitch always be brave and ask why? Americans are just users and I am glade very soon China will put them on the leash. Keep up the good work RedHack.
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