EUROPE > Racist Twitter attack on Turkish player is 'revolting': German minister


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German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich has decried recent racist attacks over Twitter against Turkish-German football player Mesut Özil, describing the comments as "revolting," private broadcaster NTV reported on its website.
Friedrich told German daily Neuen Osnabrücker that the comments were only "the tip of the iceberg."
“There is a chance that these people may leave clues behind as to their identities," Friedrich said. "But the present online data systems won't allow us to track them."
Friedrich said he was also ashamed by the racist chants that occurred during Germany's match against Denmark.
During last Sunday's game, someone on a personal account slammed the German international by tweeting: "Özil is absolutely not German. A piece of paper won't change your roots."
Within minutes hundreds of Twitter users began following the account.
"Only pure-blooded Germans should play on the German team," the user continued to say.
The account was shut down after that.


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Notice on comments

Chas Spencer

6/27/2012 8:00:10 PM

@ERIC, in my childhood, for a short period I attended Volkschule in Germany. During a Grammer test, all students went to the Blackbord, & were tested in written & verbal skill of German Grammer. At my turn I did better than my two German predesessors, they got sscoe of 1 , me only 2. All my classmates protested and booe'd. Teachers justification was that German was a difficult language & foreigners never get it Right. All my life I remember my classmates & know there are good people in Germany!

Dennis Kavaz

6/25/2012 7:15:45 AM

Professional sportsman faces racisms, especially those with foreign names and more so for those who chose to represent their country of origin. As a pro-fighter (To attract the public) in my adapted country I was advised to use a foreign name. When I fought in the town where I lived, the public (I was accepted as one of them) would cheer me on. If I fought somewhere else however they would boo me and call me a WOG. Yet my character (apart from my accent) many people thought of me as European.

Foreign View

6/24/2012 12:50:58 PM

Eric Martin part of the integration process depends on the government as well as the immigrants. Being Turkophobic earns you guys majority seats in parliament. Europe is quiet good at pointing fingers, even when those Turks died in Germany, Germans blamed other Turkish mafia for this. Don't worry, within 20 years, most Turks would be back at home, along with many Europeans joining them for a better living conditions, lets see how the Turks will treat them, what you give is what you get.

Dennis Kavaz

6/22/2012 9:02:35 AM

Basically in the past 30 years, football fans do cause problems even amongst them selves. Racism amongst those teams however it’s not a big, because most teams do have multy racial players. The German National team do have players with foreign Names. Yet Ozil is the one they picket out. For me it has two motives one is that they are racists, the other is they are telling the Germans you have won but your team is not wholly German. “Insulting and humiliating both Ozil and the Germans

Murun Buchstansangur

6/21/2012 11:28:56 PM

This sort of abuse should be condemned whatever the source. It's worth noting that the player involved has had to endure abuse from all sides. Remember the match in Berlin? As I recall, the poor bloke didn't even get to play in the return game in Turkey.

Eric Martin

6/21/2012 11:23:13 PM

Good points Huseyin. They struggle to integrate. Economics is why they fled to Germany,Usa,Denmark. The government should make a campaign to bring them home.

Thracian Anatolian

6/21/2012 8:02:59 PM

@levent huseyin There are racist people in Germany who would never consider a Turk one of themselves no matter how much he "integrates" himself. Blaming the victim for the attack shows that you have not, in fact, internalized any of the European values you try to defend here. No one deserves racist abuses, no matter what their backgrounds are.

kerem atan

6/21/2012 5:50:42 PM

if mesut hadnt opted to play for germany instead of turkey, he wouldnt have been exposed to the racist abuses.but its too late... he will get used to the racism in germany.


6/21/2012 4:00:47 PM

Things will never change in Europe unless the authorities in Turkey acknowledge that the image of Turkey has been left to Turkish immigrants to promote. Many Turks or Kurds still live and walk around the streets of Europe as they would from the mountains of Turkey where they came from! Very sad but true. I believe racial discrimination against Turks is self inflicted because most Turkish immigrants are ignorant and unfit to integrate with a modern European life

Tamer Aslantas

6/21/2012 2:56:24 PM

Too late!
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