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Hürriyet photo

Hürriyet photo

Renowned U.S. author Paul Auster said he refused to visit Turkey because of the number of journalists and writers that have been jailed in the country.

Speaking to daily Hürriyet’s Buket Şahin, Auster said he had protested the Turkish and Chinese governments for their treatment of journalists. 

“I refuse to come to Turkey because of imprisoned journalists and writers. How many are jailed now? Over 100?" Auster said, adding that Turkey was the country he was most worried about. 

"Us democrats got rid of the Bushes. We got rid of [former Vice President Dick] Cheney who should have been put on trial for war crimes," the author said. “What is going on in Turkey?"

Auster said he refused to travel to countries such as Turkey and China that lacked democratic laws even if he was invited. 

Auster's latest book "Winter Journal" was published in Turkey before it was published anywhere else. Auster said it was because the publishing house acted fast and added that the book was to be published in the United States in August.  

More than 25 of Auster's works have been translated into Turkish, and he remains as a very popular author in the country.


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