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Former Turkish President Turgut Özal

Former Turkish President Turgut Özal

Initial results of the forensic investigation indicate that four different types of poison have been found on the body of former Turkish President Turgut Özal, daily Zaman reported on Nov. 24. 

The poisons have been identified as radioactive chemicals Cadmium, Americium, Polonium and DDT, which had formerly been used as an insect powder.

It has been claimed that Özal's body was first weakened by radioactive chemicals before he was assassinated with DDT. 

As part of the Ankara Prosecution Office's investigation into Özal's death, his body was exhumed from his grave earlier this year in order for samples to be collected for the investigation. 


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Notice on comments

Adam Polk

11/25/2012 11:43:20 AM

"Zaman reported" means AKP wanted to leak a lie which they want people to believe in the future. I agree with Adam Gotham.

Faruk Beisser

11/25/2012 10:03:07 AM

Bravo Engin, you are the first Turk with knowledge writing a comment.Too bad most Turks are undereducated and believe every crap a Gülen/Erbakan AKP organization produces. Michael and Adam, your commentsare good too, I take it you are not AKĞ members.

Engin Atik

11/24/2012 11:28:15 PM

If they really found polonium it certainly was introduced in his grave. In 19 years all polonium would turn to lead. If Ozal was given ten times the lethal dose, after 19 years there could be only one polonium atom left. Polonium story is a complete fabrication. cadmium, americium and DDT can be explained by environmental pollution by batteries, smoke detectors and pesticides but polonium is very farcical.

mara mcglothin

11/24/2012 8:26:27 PM

Godspeed to President Ozal. He was a fine man. Turkey could use a few statesmen about now as they are in short supply.

joe Maddin

11/24/2012 5:40:57 PM

Who had interest in murdering him?

Michael Johnson

11/24/2012 4:58:51 PM

If these are just trace elements, then any finding is inconclusive. DDT was widely used in agriculture back in the day, and anyone from that time period would have some in their system.

Nuri Gotham

11/24/2012 4:09:47 PM

A forensic report by a group of international scientists will make the result more credible.

Rebwar Rashed

11/24/2012 2:43:51 PM

Mr. Özal was poisoned because the Turkish establishment new he was a Kurd and wants to solve the Kurdish problem.

ilker avni

11/24/2012 1:54:37 PM

Its up to the Turkish goverment to find the reasons why he was poisoned and who poisonsed him.
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