We invite your newspaper to be like its title

We invite your newspaper to be like its title

“The Moral Poverty of Turkish Politics” article written by Mustafa Akyol, which was published on the 5th page of Hürriyet Daily News Newspaper dated May 16th, is an IMAGINARY, UNREAL, ILL-WILLED publication which is prepared intentionally to direct and provoke the public against A News Channel. The mentioned publication is offered to the public as a part of the current defamatory campaign.

The author of the article Mustafa Akyol, makes imputations in order to criticize a program broadcasted on A News Channel, as based on some audio recordings uploaded on the internet autonomously, served to the public with completely unreal declarations and by hiding behind nicknames, which are valueless, and constitute slandering against A News Channel and overshadow its reputation and value before the public and presents explicitly his intentions which do not comply with the purposes of journalism.

Moreover, Mustafa Akyol transformed the program broadcasted on A News Channel completely into another form and made the mentioned program as an unjust base in order to attack the Client with unreal accusations and imputations. The expressions contained in the so-called article were selected carefully in order to provoke the public and make the Client as a target before the public and the mentioned article was decorated with ill-will in order to direct the public against the Client.

In the recent period; it is known by the whole public that a new group of newspapers came into existence, which gives the same imputation news with different insults and slandering, as if receiving orders from a certain focus group. This and such publications, which are realized as based on the principle of the blind, and which produce slanders collusively against the people and institutions, are disregarded by our public and this state creates a situation presenting the dramatic nature of the circumstances these people are in, from which lessons should be taken.

It should not be doubted that the Client shall use all his legal rights until the end and pursue them with respect to this and similar unreal publications. We condemn Mustafa Akyol who had written this article and Hürriyet Daily News which publishes the unreal information and explanations in the news which constitute the subject matter of the denial, ill-willed and imaginary scenarios, in short, this news which clashes with the ethical values of journalism and we kindly submit our reply to the public against your groundless news.

Turkuvaz Medya Yayın Hizmetleri A.Ş. 

Attorney Adv. Fatih SAVAŞ