Why don’t we ever take lessons?

Why don’t we ever take lessons?

For some reason, we never take lessons from what we have experienced. Right now we are in exactly this situation.

Please tell me, for how many years have you been hearing the same words? For as long as I remember I have read the same headlines.

First, they announce that snow is expected, then, next comes slush. After a while, snow arrives. Up until that moment, everybody just watches. That is until the snow on the ground reaches five centimeters high - then all hell breaks loose. Roads get blocked, one accident after another happens. Schools are closed. Connections with villages are lost.

This scenario never changes.

It is either the municipality that is late in reacting, or it is our people who - even though they have been warned a thousand times - hit the road with bold tires or insist on not mounting winter tires. Then, they complain.

When there is snow, the best solution is to just accept the situation and stay at home.

This is the picture we want
I wrote in this column the other day and criticized Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and main opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu for not shaking hands whenever they meet. I wrote that this image was making all of us uncomfortable. On Thursday, just the opposite image was heartwarming. Papers wrote that the prime minister had made a gesture by shaking the hands of the two opposition party leaders, but, no, this was not a gesture. He only did what had to be done, what it was correct to do. We want to see this.

Trabzonspor, tough opponent
This week the first half of the Super League is finishing. Tomorrow, we will all be watching the thrilling Galatasaray vs. Trabzonspor match. Trabzonspor coach Şenol Güneş has been doing the right thing by warning the fans: “Please do not react against Burak or the other former Trabzonspor players who are now playing for Galatasaray, do not swear at them.”

However, at the same time the club president Sadri Şener is making statements that are almost provoking the fans. He drags them through the mud - first Burak, then Galatasaray.

Şener is a gentleman, a kind person, but he has been quite nervous recently. I am not able to understand why he is accusing Galatasaray in this way. If you cannot hold such strong players in your own team, would it not be more correct to criticize your own administration?

Also President Aziz
Those who read this column know that I am not among those who believe that Fenerbahçe President Aziz Yıldırım was spreading money around and bribing everybody. However, when I listened to him the other day on FB-TV I really thought his words were unsuitable.

He said whatever he could to increase tension. “Not even one Galatasaray fan can enter our stadium,” he said. What is the point of such language?

It is correct that in Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray games the away team’s fans are not allowed in the stadium. If there had been Fenerbahçe fans at the last game in the Arena, wouldn’t all hell have broken loose? Is it very nice to keep the fans of the visiting team behind barbed wire?

Still, apparently, Fenerbahçe is an angel; it does everything in the best way, while all the rest are ill-spirited, cheating clubs. The entire world has united with the single purpose of destroying Fenerbahçe…

Unfortunately, these words provoke the fans. And, they, in turn, act fanatically…