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The mythological reliefs have been engraved into marble blocks. AA photo

The mythological reliefs have been engraved into marble blocks. AA photo

Excavations at the ancient city of Stratonikeia in the Aegean province of Muğla’s Yatağan district have uncovered 15 reliefs estimated to be 2,300 years old. The masks feature mythological gods and have been engraved into marble blocks.

The theater currently under excavation in Stratonikeia was one of the most important centers for education and culture during its day, the head of the excavations Professor Bilal Söğüt said. “We have recently found 15 2,300-year-old reliefs of mythological gods chiseled out of marble blocks. The reliefs support written documents describing the time period.”

Excavation work in Stratonikeia is giving archeologists and historians a glimpse into the social life and cultural events of this ancient age, according to Söğüt.

“The masks that we had previously found were of small figures used in theater plays, but these are reliefs of the figures. They will be displayed in their own place after restoration and conversation works. This will take long time, however, and is why we show these masks to visitors in the appropriate place.”


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Brit in Turkey

10/16/2012 9:51:05 PM

Ioannis F. I wish you guys would stop crowing about everything old found in Turkey. Of course there are Greek ruins, but also Roman and older. Turkey does not try to hide its past. In Britain many of the old sites are Roman and Norman, but I do not hear the Italians and French attempting to claim them.

Ioannis F.

10/16/2012 12:32:48 PM

Again, as in every relative article, we do not see the word "greek" or even a greek tribe name. Stratonikeia name is greek, and just look at the mythological characters and triglyphs...Why is there such a fear?
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