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As traffic chaos continues in Istanbul due to construction on bridges, the mayor of Istanbul has announced they will put 100 extra municipal buses into service to solve the problem.

“We will put 100 more buses into the network on Friday. We have been making serious investments. We have a goal of reaching 3,000 buses. We aim to fix the traffic congestion by increasing the number of buses. Subway train construction is also continuing,” he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş said they were forced to be supportive since the Directorate General for Highways began construction on two important bridges in Istanbul, the Fatih Sultan Mehmet (FSM) Bridge and the Haliç Bridge on June 18.

Two of the eight lanes on the FSM Bridge will be closed to traffic until Sept. 17 for roadwork while two of the lanes on the Haliç Bridge over the Golden Horn will also undergo construction work.

The closures have caused long delays, and traffic has almost been at a standstill in some locations.

Topbaş suggested Istanbul residents use ferries efficiently to stop the traffic jam problems.

Meanhile, Gürsel Tekin from the Republican People’s Party criticized the roadwork in Istanbul and said the real solution to the problem lies in building railways.

“They have botoxed Istanbul. You cannot solve the problem of traffic with bridges, you need to build a rail system,” he said.


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Notice on comments

Blue Dotterel

6/24/2012 2:40:36 PM

Of course governments make things more difficult by knocking down residences in the city center for hotels, malls and offices and moving people to residential tower blocks and gated communities on the periphery, necessitating long commutes by private car. This isn't the 50s where this type suburban setup could work. Unfortunately, Turkish city planners are using an outdated urban planning approach where they should be mixing residential and work space to reduce transportation commutes.

Blue Dotterel

6/24/2012 2:30:55 PM

Gursel is quite correct. A better tramway and Metro system would be more useful. I assume that some of these are being worked on, but more can be done. Ferries could also help, but these services need to be increased along some less frequented lines that usually only operate in morning and evening. A couple of extra ferry times for each would probably help. It also might be useful to find ways of reducing private automobile traffic by having work places closer to living places.
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