Man puts padlock over wife's vagina

Man puts padlock over wife's vagina

Man puts padlock over wifes vagina

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A padlock was recently discovered over an Indian woman’s vagina after she was brought to hospital following a suicide attempt, the Daily Mail has reported.

The unnamed woman’s husband, who was identified as Chouhan, reportedly affixed the padlock to prevent his wife from “betraying” him.
Nurses had to wait for police forces to locate Chouhan and retrieve the key to remove the padlock.
In addition to the padlock the woman was wearing what was called a “chastity belt,” a piece of clothing that prevents sexual intercourse.
Chouhan, who has been charged with cruelty and voluntarily causing injuries, told the police that he had placed the padlock because other women in his family had "strayed" before.
Chouhan was an alcoholic with mental problems, according to officials.
The woman, who attempted to commit suicide by drinking rat poison, married Chouhan when she was 16, bearing five children.

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