MIDEAST > Israeli PM ‘rejects’ Barak’s offer to apologize for Mavi Marmara


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Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak (L) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) address the media at the defense ministry in Tel Aviv on November 14, 2012. AFP photo

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak (L) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) address the media at the defense ministry in Tel Aviv on November 14, 2012. AFP photo

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly rejected a proposal from Defense Minister Ehud Barak to offer his Turkish counterpart an apology for “operational mishaps” for the 2010 Mavi Marmara raid.

Barak had suggested utilizing the post-election transition period to repair relations with Turkey and reportedly told Netanyahu that it would be easier to overcome the political sensitivities during the transition period, Israeli daily Haaretz reported, citing an Israeli Foreign Ministry source.

The ministry, however, said the prime minister rejected the idea.

Barak had told Netanyahu that since he was leaving political life anyway, he would issue the apology himself, according to the daily.

“He told Netanyahu he was prepared to absorb any resulting criticism,” the source said. Israeli forces killed nine Turkish activists aboard the Mavi Marmara aid flotilla on May 31, 2010. Turkey has repeatedly demanded that Israel issue an apology, pay compensation for the deaths and lift the embargo on Gaza to restore ties.

Barak also cited the advantages of having the defense minister apologize to his counterpart and characterizing the events as a military mishap so there would be no need for Israel’s president or prime minister to apologize, the report said.


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2/25/2013 6:02:36 PM

It is most interesting to watch people justify murder when their boys do the deed and even bring up the legality of shooting people in the head and then turn around and complain about "terrorists" who throw rocks at them. It is very telling and ironic how the children of Holocaust have turned into the very evil and murderous concentration camp guards who found a way to justify any outrage.

mara mcglothin

2/25/2013 5:42:50 PM

Spot on !!! THESSALONIAN and BLUE BEYOND. End of story.


2/25/2013 2:30:49 PM

Blue Beyond, even Palmer criticises Israel for boarding the ship so far out at sea without adequate warning, of using excessive force against civilians and mistreating passengers during and after the event. Report says Israel hasn’t accounted for shooting the deceased “multiple times, including in the back, or at close range”. For that, Israel owes an apology. Even assuming it was legal, there's no excuse for murder. Both Turkey and Israel are adversely affected by the incident, Israel more so.


2/25/2013 2:30:12 PM

Blue Beyond, Palmer’s main task was to investigate the MM incident rather than pass judgement on legality of the blockade. Legality is disputed. According to UN Human Rights Council, the International Red Cross and various legal experts, it is illegal. You can't collectively punish 1.5 million people because a few among them are firing rockets into Israel. Read UN Human Rights Council report A/HRC/15/21 and see how passengers were beaten up, humiliated and murdered, and how blockade is illegal.

Pawel Bury

2/25/2013 11:28:37 AM

Hopefully Turkey has learnt a lesson and won't challenge Israel again in the future cause the consequences may be very serious. The thing is that Israelis are not tolerant to the usual Turkish threats. They have the military power to back up their actions and they do not speak too much, like Turkish politicians do.

Michael Johnson

2/25/2013 8:59:22 AM

@Thessalonian: well put sir, you have spoken eloquently for me, thank you.

ilker avni

2/25/2013 7:04:38 AM

Israel is the main reasom why? America is loaeing respect around the World.Golda Maya said "After the Holocaist we can do anything". That included wageing war on the Arabs to steal they land at will with American blessing.America is just as guilty as Israel,America pays for all the settlements Israel is building on stolen land..Israel kills with impunity,only the other day they killed a Palenstinian while in they prison after he was tortured.@ Sami If u love Israel so much why dont live there.

Blue Beyond

2/25/2013 12:56:45 AM

@Baris, Murat. The boarding was lawful as is the blockade, per the UN Palmer Commission report. No violation of the Law of the Sea was committed by Israel. The flotilla violated the principal of "innocent passage" and the Erdogan government owes and apology to the families of those that died for having promoted a breach of international law. Israel's interests were not harmed. Tourists go to Greece. Mediterranean natural gas is developed with Russia and Greek Cyprus. Erdogan backs the wrong hors


2/24/2013 11:49:21 PM

Israel will not and should not apologize for the Turkish government's failure to prevent the IHH provocateurs from heading to Gaza with intentions of stirring up an already boilling pot despite the ample and timely warnings. You have indeed reaped what you have sown Mr. Erdogan, it is as simple as that. Hopefully Israel's message was terse enough to persuade future Turkish endeavors with regards to Israel's sovereingty and security. Just keep hugging and harboring Hamas terrorists... Regards

lara ulusoy

2/24/2013 10:55:17 PM

WOW SAMI SOULIMA!Couldn't have expressed yourself better! So it's ok with you to be given a castle while they rape your sisters in its rooms? What you want to say is that as long as you are happy with a piece of nothing, Israel is the best in your opinion?? Well you have expressed what you are excellently. I wish Israel would really be so good and stop looking at human lives as cheap.Look around u and try to look slightly beyond that little bone u got. I wish they were so good.Life will b good 2
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