MIDEAST > Iran bans women from 77 university majors, including engineering, physics


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Photo by Farzaneh Khademian/ABACAPRESS.COM

Photo by Farzaneh Khademian/ABACAPRESS.COM

Iran’s Science and Higher Education Ministry has banned women from enrolling in 77 university departments on the grounds that there is no work for them once they graduate from post-secondary education, according to the Telegraph.

"Our experience in the past showed us that even if women graduate from these departments, they fail to work actively in these fields," a ministry official said.
“Departments like agriculture and mining are unfit for the female nature,” the official also said.
With the move, women will no longer be capable of becoming engineers, nuclear physicists, archaeologists, business graduates and computer scientists as these and other departments in over 35 Iranian universities will henceforth only admit male students.
English literature, translation and hotel management are some of the other banned departments.
Another Iranian official said the move was designed to establish “balance” in the education system.
Some 65 percent of students in Iranian universities are women, and the country also has one of the highest female-versus-male graduation rates in the world.


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Moiz Ali

5/22/2013 2:40:45 AM

Current European/Christian ways can not be imposed on Muslims. Muslims view the role of women in a family very differently. There are countries like Turkey and Iran who are trying to change some. BTW, why spend thousands of dollars on educating women, and then, not employing them. Iran is ahead of the curve, maybe in 50 years it would be different. BTW, women had only few good choices in Europe of 19th century! The Muslims are just waking up.


8/29/2012 10:22:06 AM

Why is everyone so astonished by what Iran does? When there is a real fear of women by the Establishment, which is the case in Iran, suppression is the only way to qwell your worries. Clearly, if women in Iran are far more intelligent than their men folk as the statistics are proving, this could be terrible for the males. I mean, what would they do for work if women were in charge? Clean the house and look after the children? Come on!

The Prisoner

8/23/2012 3:02:08 PM

How long before the goverment brings same rules here also?

Anita Asar

8/22/2012 11:41:58 PM

Shameful how women are treated in many countries through male jealousy. It has been proved that women are generally more intelligent when given the chance. In the 20 years I have lived in Turkey I have noticed the trend towards covering and smothering women too!

Aslam Benli

8/22/2012 6:44:58 PM

and that is one of the "secret dreams" of the AKP - Sharia for all

illawarrior hill

8/22/2012 6:26:20 PM

There was a time when the west had no female engineers either - but it is very different now. Change has to start somewhere. The answer is to offer companies incentives to employ qualified women - not to cut the educational opportunties. Why are courses like English Literature, Computer Science and Transaltion banned? Surely these are jobs readily done with minimum male contact - which I am assuming is the objection to the other occupation. At the end of the day, all it comes down to, is that lo


8/22/2012 6:20:50 PM

Shamefully appalling...Regards

mara mcglothin

8/22/2012 4:17:19 PM

"Some 65 percent of students in Iranian universities are women, and the country also has one of the highest female-versus-male graduation rates in the world." Don't you mean "were" women???? I guess advanced education costs will go down donsiderably if they cancel the education of 65% of the students? Same old same old. Very sad, but true.

David Cuthell

8/22/2012 3:58:31 PM

Congratulation to the Ministry, a brilliant stroke! Not only have they confirmed their cutting edge 13th century views but demonstrated a program to bring down male unemployment!

Murun Buchstansangur

8/22/2012 3:40:59 PM

@Joanna. Of course I share your sentiments but it's a revealing fact that no OIC country, including Turkey, has signed up to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is because it's not Muslim enough! In particular, gender equality presents a problem. For this reason an alternative Cairo Human Rights Declaration in Islam was adopted in 1990. Here we see it in action at it's worst but let's not pretend that it's not an honest statement of intent of religious misogynists everywhere!
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