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DHA Photo

DHA Photo

Fuat Yıldırım, the muezzin of the mosque that had sheltered injured Gezi Park protesters, has repeated that he did not see alcoholic beverages being consumed in the mosque.

“I did not see anyone consume alcohol within the mosque or hold an alcoholic beverage bottle,” said Yıldırım in an interview with daily Yurt newspaper.

He added that he could not lie as he was a man of faith. “I cannot say something I have not seen,” he said, while also claiming to have seen a bottle outside of the mosque that resembled a beer bottle.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been asserting in speeches for the past three weeks that the protesters drank alcoholic beverages within the mosque, adding that they also entered the mosque with their shoes, two acts considered to be disrespectful in Islam. Police started an investigation into the issue after Erdoğan, at rallies in Ankara and Istanbul, openly accused the protesters of having engaged in such behavior.

Yıldırım said that he had testified to the Counter-Terrorism Department of the Turkish National Police for six hours, as part of this investigation.

The muezzin confirmed that first aid had been provided to injured protesters in the Dolmabahçe Mosque between May 31 and June 3, a time when the clashes between police and protesters were at their most fierce.


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Notice on comments

Brit in Turkey

6/29/2013 12:38:44 PM

Nikos K.: Good observation.

Nikos K.

6/28/2013 2:19:29 PM

Although Erdogan has avoided big tentions on the Aegean and I aknowledge that (I'm Greek), it's more evident than ever that he's trying to turn Turkey into a moderate Islamic republic. It's a ridiculous for the PM of 75m to deal with the possible consumpion of alcohol in a mosque and while hundreds of thousands protesters on the streets running to avoid police brutality. Tayyip may has provided Turkey with a strong economy but he's driving your country far away from western values & practices.

savica savica

6/28/2013 1:45:05 PM

The headline has changed, but the facts remain the same.

Brit in Turkey

6/28/2013 1:44:01 PM

Vargen Vargen: But it seems to be "one of the biggest security concerns for Turkey as a nation" in someone's eyes!

Sultan Davut

6/28/2013 12:52:55 PM

OK Tayyip, let's change strategies.... surely there's gotta' be something written somewhere about not being allowed to drip blood on the floor of a mosque where people pray... there was no doubt alcohol in that blood.... or maybe, the rubbing alcohol that was used to to disinfect those "looters" gouged eyes and heads.... "bums" sometimes drink rubbing alcohol... think...

Nadiri Başaran

6/28/2013 10:57:28 AM

Thank you for changing the headline.

Vargen Vargen

6/28/2013 10:38:06 AM

Like any human beings, I am sure that the Imam also loves people. And if you end up with wounded people in your Mosque, your main concern, as a human being, is to help that person. In a situation like that, you do not care very much about a bottel of beer, but instead to help another human. And truly, I can not understand why the intelligence services are involved in the crime of a "beer bottle in a mosque". It can not be one of the biggest security concerns for Turkey as a nation.


6/28/2013 10:25:08 AM

When the ship is sinking, you would do, say anything to not to slip under the water...... Accusations from Mr. Erdogan like this are typical of the drowning man..... I am so shocked at his behaviour, especially since over the past few years he has, at least, kept some cool. It's embarrrassing.....


6/28/2013 10:08:40 AM

This is another guess just like foreign conspiracy , interest lobby etc etc :) making fool of himself but surely hero in backward world ...

British Chapuller

6/28/2013 8:22:10 AM

@Nadiri Başaran, I think your missing the point over symantics....the way RTE was claiming and shouting from the pulpit of his gravey train demontrations, people were getting drunk in the mosque, there were beer bottles lying all over the place messing it up, this is the impression he gave....Now what Fuat Bey is claiming is that he did not see this, at all, period, full-stop, end of discussion...now the question is, who will you believe more, a man of faith, or a man who thinks he is a god?
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