EUROPE > Hate crime becomes ‘daily routine’ in EU, says report


Hate crimes motivated by prejudices including racism and xenophobia are a daily reality across the EU and victims are reluctant to report them due to lack of confidence in police, says a report

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French police stand in an illegal camp housing 114 Roma as they start to evacuate in Lyon in this photo. a recent report shows many hate crimes are invisible, as victims are reluctant to report them. REUTERS photo

French police stand in an illegal camp housing 114 Roma as they start to evacuate in Lyon in this photo. a recent report shows many hate crimes are invisible, as victims are reluctant to report them. REUTERS photo

Hate crime is a daily reality but is mostly invisible throughout the European Union, according to a recent report released by the 27-member union’s agency for fundamental rights.

Many hate crimes, motivated by racism, xenophobia, religious intolerance or by a person’s disability, sexual orientation or gender identity, are invisible, as victims and witnesses are reluctant to report them, said the report released on Nov. 27 by the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA).

The report calls on member states to encourage victims and witnesses to report these crimes and to increase confidence in their justice systems to deal with them decisively and effectively, so that these crimes may become more visible and addressed more effectively.

One out of five Turks living in EU countries was the victim of at least one crime in the past 12 months, another FRA report titled “Minorities as Victims of Crime” said. This rate was 33 percent for Sub-Saharan Africans and 32 percent for Roma, 26 percent for North Africans, 24 percent for Central and Eastern Europeans and 17 percent for respondents with a Russian background.

Most of the minority and immigrant groups in the EU tend not to report such crimes, because of their lack of confidence in the police being able to do anything about them and the perception that incidents were too trivial to be worth reporting.

Most Turkish victims ‘do not report’ hate crimes

Among the Turkish respondents, 74 percent do not report assault or threats against them, while 90 percent do not report serious harassment. For ex-Yugoslav respondents, 57 percent do not report assault or threats against them while 75 percent do not report serious harassment.

Immigrants were found to be the most likely to have been the victims of hate crime, with a 10 percent victimization rate against 2 percent among non-immigrants, according to surveys cited by the report, titled “Making hate crime visible in the European Union: Acknowledging victims’ rights.”

Immigrants in Belgium, Greece, Spain and Denmark report hate crimes most often, according to the report, while immigrants in Finland, Portugal and Italy reported such crimes least often.

On average, 18 percent of all Roma and 18 percent of all sub-Saharan African respondents indicated that over the past 12 months they had been subjected to hate crimes, assault, threats or serious harassment that they considered “racially motivated in some way.”

The groups with the highest perceived rates of racially motivated hate crimes were the Roma in the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia; Somalis in Finland and Denmark; and Africans in Ireland, Italy and Malta.

In fighting hate crime, the report said action was needed on three levels: legislation, policy and practice.


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Notice on comments

Chris Green

12/6/2012 2:25:19 PM

To continue; here in the UK, largely thanks to unwanted aspects of EU membership, we have vast levels of incoming traffic in the form of Roma's and these are likely to increase. Begging, street crime and scrap metal theft are the lessor end of issues related to this group although not exclusively so. If the EU became a Federation of States things would get worse. You only have to look the USA for examples with which to compare. Furthermore racism is not just a black/white/Islam/Christian issue.

Chris Green

12/6/2012 2:16:59 PM

The United Kingdom has been receiving mass immigration since 1955 in relatively recent times and since the immigration act of 2002 (I think I have the correct year) under the Blair administration, levels of inward migration from non-EU countries has been unsustainable and illegal immigration is cannot be and is most certainly NOT acceptable. Selective immigration is essential for economic growth; open doors policies have the opposite effect and 'tensions' (to understate) rise and prevail.

sam stevens

12/1/2012 11:35:23 AM

Mara is way out of date re the English class system. She's been watching too many old films. Class distinction is prevalent in EVERY country in the world,uneducated peasants have rarely mixed with the highly educated civilsed people...it is clear most of us hang out with LIKE MINDED friends,to pretend it's a class thing is just plain silly.

Red Tail

11/30/2012 5:06:32 PM

How is "hate crime" defined?

mara mcglothin

11/30/2012 4:24:26 PM

Hate crime and judging others has always been rampant Worldwide! EU is no different. DOGAN You forgot the class system in England where you don't even have to be of a different race to have a problem, you can simply be the child of a baker rather than part of the aristocracy. No country or people is exempt from bad behavior. Simple.

Adam Polk

11/30/2012 1:12:51 PM

this is about EU countries but people still bashing Turkey here. stick to the topic....

american american

11/30/2012 1:01:45 PM

and turkey isn't institutionally racist towards their undesirables? what about hate-crimes in turkey based on homosexuality, religion and the like. i guess dogan, since you haven't been living here, you don't know or choose to ignore.

John Smith

11/30/2012 12:55:16 PM

Look at the timeline people, there is an organised campaign in Europe and the Western world to spread hatred and poison against Muslims. This has been conducted by the Zionist media controllers of the western press. This has lead directly to the rise of the far right across the western world. This is the same tactic Zionists pursued in 1930's Germany when they supported the hard right to counter the communists who threatened their wealth and power. We all know how that turned out for them.

mistique holland

11/30/2012 12:34:12 PM

@Dogan, I do NOT agree with you. Beeing married with a Turkish man and spending a lot of time abroad I can fairly say that Britain is one of the worst racists countries that excist.Germany,the Eastern Europe countries, France and even my own the Netherlands are getting worse and worse.But on the other hand I agree with @Johanna that Turkey is not much better to people of other religions and colours and most of the Middle East is even worse. I think it all starts with ourselves trying to beat it.

Johanna Dew

11/30/2012 11:50:57 AM

Besides my previous comments, its shows that the EU at least has the courage to look critical them selves. All those countries with a terrible reputation of discrimination, racism etc incl Turkey DONT have the guts to act accordingly. In fact, the EU bloc still tops the lists o least racist countries. Good example for Turkey
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