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The protests have spread to many city parks, where civilian forums are now frequently held. This file photo shows a forum gathering at Yoğurtçu Park in Istanbul's Kadıköy district.DHA photo

The protests have spread to many city parks, where civilian forums are now frequently held. This file photo shows a forum gathering at Yoğurtçu Park in Istanbul's Kadıköy district.DHA photo

A group of men with knives and sticks attacked a Gezi Park forum in the late hours of July 11, in the Kocamustafaşa neighborhood of the conservative Istanbul district Fatih.

Similar to other Gezi forums nationwide, the Kocamustafapaşa event was proceeding as usual until a group of men showed up at the scene and attacked the participants with knives and sticks.

The attackers threatened the crowd, ordering them to leave the site and to “go to Taksim.” Footage showing the attack soon surfaced on the popular video website YouTube. One person was wounded during the attack, according to daily Milliyet.

The incident prompted the Anti-Capitalist Muslims group to announce iftar plans to take place in Kocamustafaşa tonight, calling on all to set tables on Kocamustafaşa Square “to fight fascism.” The group is known for its pro-Gezi stance and has been involved in the protests since they first erupted in late May.

The forum had been organized to commemorate Ali İsmail Korkmaz, who died due to wounds received when he was beaten by unidentified people in the Eskişehir protests on June 2.

With the clearing and subsequent lockdown of Gezi Park, protests spread to city parks across Turkey, where citizens’ forums are now being frequently held. Though the park near Taksim Square was reopened to public use after a municipality renovation, a strong risk of police intervention hangs over protesters at the park.


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Notice on comments

Subhan Azeri

7/12/2013 7:44:53 PM

Why these conspirators don't come to their senses and think that people have had enough of their baseless protests?! And some people are already reacting in harsh ways. You demanded the park and you got it! What else do you want? Well, obviously reach the bigger goals that were set from the day 1 - topple the Erdogan government! This is not democracy. Governments should be changed through ballot box in democracies. This is opportunism, vandalism, or can't find a proper word to name it correctly.

Turkan Hanim

7/12/2013 7:12:16 PM

DutchTurk, if you lived in Istanbul, you would know that people in different neighborhoods have different politics. Bravo to the demonstrators -- they are reaching out to diverse groups of people. There is not just one group running the protests. They were spontaneous after at least 2 years of the government denying different groups of people permits to hold "meetings" in Taksim. So, many groups have come together and now, people with very different ideas are meeting and discussing.

Scandi Navian

7/12/2013 5:37:57 PM

DutchTurk: Stop making shameful remarks from afar and instead explain to us all what you judge to be an acceptable public gathering, if not a peaceful gathering and political discussions in a park qualifies as acceptable (they were after all not harassing the neighbourhood). -Or is the only acceptable form to meet in Kazlıçeşme, with municipal buses and free sandwiches?

american american

7/12/2013 5:19:20 PM

dutcheuropean, again, come home...but you won't. you like making the euro and would have to give that up for the lira. you are also scared you may smell the gas seeping into your apartment, or be mistakenly attacked by a 'fed-up' akper. not surprising is that you find this behavior acceptable and during ramadan at that. unlike you, i actually live in turkey, and see the solidarity on the streets. the neighborhoods want the police out and support the protesters. you either misinform or lie.

Tayyar Abi

7/12/2013 4:56:26 PM

Now you see why Ataturk squashed these evil troglodyte Islamists. Too bad he didn't live long enough to finish the job.

Brian Irlanda

7/12/2013 2:53:51 PM

When we witness ''machete man'', ''gun toting man'' and now ''knives and sticks men'' we can understand the mentality and level of civilisation of these particular AKP supporters. But when you also have AKP deputies making disgusting remarks about women journalists in Parliament, we can see the type of people that support them. These type of people are the lowest form of life.

Çılgın Kanarya

7/12/2013 1:05:15 PM

JOHN ALBAY, has your account been hacked?! I was expecting to read that all the protesters should've been butchered to death and dragged through the streets! Are you feeling unwell? I'm worried John, I really am!

Ali Kanat

7/12/2013 12:42:00 PM

I'm really starting to like these anti-capitalist Moslems

Murun Buchstansangur

7/12/2013 12:38:49 PM

DutchTurk. Write about the Netherlands if you must but mind your own business about Turkey.

Reality Plus

7/12/2013 12:15:05 PM

I have personally seen the crowd participating at these forums while I was in Istanbul 15 days ago; very civilized and intellectually high level gathering. The AKP is sending their militia around the parts in Istanbul where forums are being held. People with machetes, knifes and sticks. These people are the "proud" electorate of the AKP. All the good things things that AKP has done since 2002 has been wiped off in one month. A real shame!
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