Greek elections probably after May 6

Greek elections probably after May 6

ATHENS - Agence France-Presse
Early elections in Greece could be held after May 6, the date considered until now as the most likely for the ballot, Interior Minister Tassos Yiannitsis told parliament on April 6.

“Elections will most likely be called on May 6, or a little later,” said Yiannitsis, the minister whose job it is to supervise the process.

The government has so far declined to name a specific date for the general election which traditionally falls on a Sunday, insisting that parliament must first vote on a batch of legislation tied to Greece’s EU-IMF economic rescue.

The chamber is expected to approve the last related bill by April 10 according to the government, and under the constitution elections are held up to 30 days after parliament is dissolved.
The conservative New Democracy party comfortably leads opinion polls to win the vote, though it is still unclear whether it will secure a parliamentary majority.

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