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Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller applauds during the firm’s annual meeting June 29. AFP photo

Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller applauds during the firm’s annual meeting June 29. AFP photo

Gazprom on June 29 sent a warning signal to Turkey over Ankara’s agreement with Azerbaijan to build a gas pipeline to Europe, a rival to the Moscow-backed planned South Stream trunk.

Gazprom said Turkey demanded additional gas supply from Russia after an explosion on the Turkey-Iran natural gas pipeline June 28, which cut the gas flow. The statement said Gazprom has increased gas supply to Turkey, but added that if the Trans-Anatolian project is “completed as planned in 2018, Turkey could then apply for help to Baku,” according to Gazprom’s e-mailed statement.

Turkey, Gazprom’s second largest customer, and Azerbaijan signed a deal on June 26 to build $7 billion Trans-Anatolian natural gas pipeline (TANAP) to carry Azeri gas to European markets. The TANAP rivals the South Stream natural gas pipeline project, which is supported by Russia, and goes through Turkey.

‘Dependable supplier’
“Gazprom has shown that it is a dependable supplier by responding to demands of its trade partners in Turkey in cases of technical failures or cold snaps,” said Sergei Kuprianov, the spokesman of Gazprom, June 29.

Gazprom is anxiously watching the latest developments in Azerbaijan, whose gas fields are the most developed new non-Russian sources of natural gas that can be pumped to the European Union through pipelines.

Moscow is keen on keeping Azerbaijan, its former Soviet satellite, within the orbit of influence and is trying to secure access to the country’s vast gas riches, a bone of contention between Europe and Russia.

In a related development, which undermines Russian grip on the former Soviet Republic, Azeri’s Shah Deniz II consortium, led by BP Plc and Statoil, on June 28 selected the Nabucco West pipeline for one of two possible routes to carry Caspian gas to western Europe.


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Notice on comments

john albay

7/1/2012 9:10:08 PM

I think we can do without russia as a friend because they will always support greece and greek occupied cyprus because of their join church! Let the russians suppy greece and they will findout 2 things 1/ they dont pay and 2/they are a much smaller market.


6/30/2012 3:52:33 PM

It is critical for Turkey and the region not to be critically dependent on Russia for anything.

two sides to every coin

6/30/2012 1:56:02 PM

Here we go again, threat after threat, is this what the world is coming to, has diplomatic diplomacy and discussion disappeared. Now Turkey will have to decide does it want to annoy Russia and cancel this project, Russia is just angry because BP is involved.

Mark Tak

6/30/2012 9:42:30 AM

Russia?? Russia is not a friend of Azerbaijan, They suported the invasion of Azeri land AND helping Armenia to keep that land,,Russai is number one suporter of Greek Cyprus since all Russian mafia hiding their money in Greek Cyprus banks they just gave them a loan of 3,5 Billion Dollars, and suport Greek Cyprus in international arena, and wanted to ship S300 missels to Greek Cyprus but put them in Greek Island of Crete instead, Russia is a wishy washy alliy of Turkey,They cut of Turkish coridor

ilker avni

6/30/2012 6:34:59 AM

Russia wants a monopoly over gas supplies to Europe, with the Iranian sanctions Europe is at the mercy of Russia,who will hike up the price when sanctions kicks in.Thats why they dont want a pipe line to Europe. from Azerbajan.Only a fool would trust Russia as the sole supplier of gas to Europe.Turkey made a mistake in dealing with Russians who never keep their word on any contracts,and to thiink their building a nuclear power station for Turkey their will own it and run it for Turkey.


6/30/2012 3:25:55 AM

Sorry Gazprom, no monopoly !! When gas should go from A to B, you don't need destination C (Russia). Russia uses the monopoly to blackmail. Turkey is doing the right thing.
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