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Galatasaray's legendary striker Didier Drogba salutes fans as he wears a jersey in sign of respect for Nelson Mandela after their Turkish Super League match with Elaziğspor in Istanbul, dec. 6. AP photo

Galatasaray's legendary striker Didier Drogba salutes fans as he wears a jersey in sign of respect for Nelson Mandela after their Turkish Super League match with Elaziğspor in Istanbul, dec. 6. AP photo

Galatasaray’s two Ivorian players, legendary striker Didier Drogba and defender Emmanuel Eboue, have been sent to the Professional Football Discipline Committee (PFDK) for wearing t-shirts commemorating Nelson Mandela during a league game on Dec. 6.
Drogba’s t-shirt read “Thank you Madiba” while Eboue’s said “Rest in peace Nelson Mandela,” in respect of the man who changed the course of African history by putting an end to the Apartheid regime in South Africa.
The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) justified the decision by arguing that the players wore the t-shirts in the match against Elazığspor without receiving permission beforehand. Both players displayed the t-shirts after the conclusion of the game, which the Lions won 2-0.
The TFF also recently sent Fethiyespor for disciplinary action, after its players wore t-shirts reading “Great Atatürk” during the national anthem ceremony ahead of its Dec. 4 Turkish Cup game against Fenerbahçe. The TFF said the gesture had brought politics onto the field, but was criticized by Sports Minister Suat Kılıç, who warned the federation against making “divisive decisions.”


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Notice on comments

turkic voice

12/8/2013 10:30:08 PM

@ Tekion Particle Fully agree with you a harmless and funny way to humiliate RTE. but which poor player is to become this person???

Çılgın Kanarya

12/8/2013 6:31:02 PM

The TFF have been made to look absolute fools, since not only has the majority of the public condemned their proposed punishment of Fethiyespor, but the very people they were sucking up to - the AKP - have also made it known, via the Sports Minister, that they don't support this action either! (as they're afraid it'll cost them even more votes). So by now targeting Drogba, the TFF are attempting to wriggle out of this by claiming to be opposed to ALL political messages (Lie! Emre's Rabaa sign??)

Çılgın Kanarya

12/8/2013 6:20:01 PM

I'm sorry to observe that almost none of the commentators on here seem to understand why Drogba & Eboue have now been targeted by the TFF. If they hadn't already referred Fethiyspor to their disciplinary body in order to appease their AKP masters, then just as with practically all other such messages displayed under jerseys, the TFF would've ignored the Mandela one too. They are penalizing the Mandela messages to 'prove' that they're not only targeting the memory of Atatürk. A clever diversion.

Tekion Particle

12/8/2013 4:21:47 PM

Absolutely ridiculous. Why don't some one (football player) wear something with RTE's name on it praising him to see how TFF will react to that. You have to play these people in their own game.

Brit in Turkey

12/8/2013 2:44:54 PM

No-one has picked up on the subtleness of my comment.

Dr. Prof. Novnesense

12/8/2013 7:54:01 AM

There is a logical sense and plain stupidity, this is the latter. Then Emre made his policial sign after scoring a goal nothing ever happened to him however when one of the greatest men of our times dies and a player say thank you then this is political ? Don't get it, Mandela was much more than a political man but a guess that the TFF would never understand that!

ilker avni

12/8/2013 5:51:38 AM

I dont know why all the fuss,Eboue ex arsenal player is a good boy,unlike Drogba who has a atitude problem through out his brilliant caerea,galatasaray should look to of load him,he is past his sale by date,america is where he belongs.

Attila Başaran

12/8/2013 12:50:35 AM

In England the Premier League matches were all preceded by a one minute standing ovation for Nelson Mandela. Did that bring politics into English football? I doubt it.

Çılgın Kanarya

12/8/2013 12:25:59 AM

I despise Drogba because on the field he's a troublemaker & a cheat, but I can not support the TFF's decision to refer him to the disciplinary body for this. These political / social (define it how you like) messages on t-shirts under a football jersey are nothing new, ether here in Turkey or in any other country's leagues, but are usually ignored by the authorities. The TFF would've let this go too, but are now using it opportunistically to 'prove' that they aren't only targeting Atatürkçüler.

turkic voice

12/7/2013 10:55:54 PM

no fines, just a clear warning, this is a touchy situation. may Mandela rest in peace. the father of Turks and the father of Africans are together in peace discussing there children.
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