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The natural gas controversy From an Oct. 31 article by Hurriyet's Ferai Tinc: If, in the past, Turkey had taken the initiative for the transportation of Turkmen natural gas, making vigorous efforts to mediate between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan to solve their differences regarding the Caspian issues, today it would not find itself in such a difficult situation regarding its neighbors. Then the sharing of energy sources and marketing opportunities, issues that will affect the region's political future,

The natural gas controversy

From an Oct. 31 article

by Hurriyet's Ferai Tinc:

If, in the past, Turkey had taken the initiative for the transportation of Turkmen natural gas, making vigorous efforts to mediate between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan to solve their differences regarding the Caspian issues, today it would not find itself in such a difficult situation regarding its neighbors. Then the sharing of energy sources and marketing opportunities, issues that will affect the region's political future, would not be so painful.

Clean hands

From an Oct. 31 article

by Milliyet's Derya Sazak:

The planned amnesty envisages a pardon for the individuals who have emptied out the bank coffers through irregularities or fraud. In cases initiated on such charges on the basis of Articles 508 and 510, the charges will reportedly have to be dropped if the proposed amnesty bill is passed by Parliament.

Kavakci is not alone

From an Oct. 31 article

by Sabah's Gungor Mengi:

Justice Minister Hikmet Sami Turk says that the FP's Merve Kavakci can regain her Turkish citizenship only through a government decision to this effect. She has been stripped of Turkish nationality and there is no way she can automatically regain Turkish nationality by marrying a Turkish national.

On Oct. 30, Constitutional Court Chief Justice Necdet Sezer commented on this issue, expressing his conviction that regardless of what she does Kavakci will not be able to attain her goal of becoming a deputy.

Legal expert Ugur Alacaptan, on the other hand, says that Kavakci has had the status of a member of Parliament since the moment officials gave her an official document attesting to her having been elected to Parliament. Professor Alacaptan believes that even if the final Council of State decision on Kavakci turned out to be against her, she would remain a deputy unless Parliament's General Assembly formally stripped her of that status.

In other words, this issue will be resolved by the "political will." There is no sign indicating that following her surprise marriage Kavakci will agree to respect the Republic's dress code. And the "headscarf party," that is, the FP, is backing her.

Meanwhile, by joining hands at Parliament's Constitutional Affairs subcommittee, FP, MHP and DYP deputies have prevented a proposed change in Parliament's bylaws, aborting an attempt to make the bylaws ban headscarf-wearing in Parliament explicitly. Because of politicians exploiting religious issues with a Medieval mentality, Turkey is being pushed into turmoil once again.

Susurluk is the address

MILLIYET said: "Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit said that businessman Erol Evcil's [the prime suspect in the assassination of 'moneylender' Nesim Malki] capture was a very important event. He stressed that a thorough investigation would be conducted, expressing his trust in Interior Minister Sadettin Tantan in this regard. Ecevit said, 'I have relayed to Mr. Tantan the report prepared by the Prime Ministry Board of Inspectors. He will take due action. Tantan is a true professional. He can bring to light many an important event.' Tantan too sounded determined, saying, 'to whomever the investigation leads us -- his identity will make no difference to us. We will go wherever it leads us. We are being meticulous."

A man like a state

YENI SAFAK said: "All the olive king's men -- Erol Evcil's dirty relationships are being exposed one by one. It turns out that businessman Cavit Caglar, a former minister, had done business with him as well as businessmen Hayyam Garipoglu and Korkmaz Yigit, former Bursa Governor Orhan Tasanlar and former National Intelligence Organization [MIT] executive Yavuz Atac. Garipoglu, who was implicated in the Turkbank privatization scandal, may be detained anew and attention has once again been focused on Caglar and Yigit. Also being investigated is Evcil's relations with former high-ranking police officials such as Tasanlar and Ahmet Demir. It has been found out that Evcil had become a secret partner of Sumerbank, which Garipoglu acquired after Malki's death. Evcil's friends included Former Interior Minister and Police Chief Mehmet Agar, who is currently an independent member of Parliament."

Businessmen named by Evcil

RADIKAL said, "Erol Evcil said that businessman Erol Erkohen, who has fled to Israel, could prove the existence of the partnership which businessman Hayyam Garipoglu had formed with [godfather currently imprisoned in France] Alaattin Cakici. Evcil also implicated businessman Emin Cankurtaran in the gang-business world relationship. Evcil admitted that he had a strong tie with Cakici, and that they had been helping one another. Due to his confessions, officials are now investigating the sources of big loans obtained from a variety of banks. The State Security Court [DGM] has given the authorities a three-day extra period in which to complete Evcil's interrogation." SABAH said, "During the interrogation officials are focusing on the black money traffic."

Bombshell deposition made by the 'brains' of the hit men

MILLIYET said: "Erol Evcil was captured shortly after Mehmet Sumbul, the person accused of organizing the team of hit men who killed Nesim Malki, was briefly detained. In his deposition, Sumbul reportedly said that Cavit Caglar was one of the persons who had ordered the Malki assassinations."

He cleared Evcil's name when everybody else accused him

MILLIYET said: "Chairman of the Turkish Bar Association Eralp Ozgen had indicated, in a report he prepared on the loans Is Bank had extended to Erol Evcil, that Evcil was not guilty. Professor Ozgen makes a curious defense of that report, saying, 'I could not find any legal provision which would fit his deeds'."

Evcil's man had made a 'substitute' do time

HURRIYET said: "Investigative reporter Ugur Dundar has found out that Bursa's former Deputy Police Chief Yusuf Ilhan, who was known as Erol Evcil's right-hand man and who has been implicated in the Nesim Malki murder, had made a 'substitute' serve prison time in Bursa in place of his brother Yunus Ilhan. The 'impostor,' Vedat Erdogan, told the team preparing Kanal-D news program 'Arena' that he agreed to that in return for a sum of money."

The groom a money-hunter

SABAH said: "The former mother-in-law of Bekir Yildirim, the new husband of Merve Kavakci [who was elected to Parliament on April 18 from the Virtue Party [FP] and caused a storm by attempting to take the oath of office with her headscarf on], says, "He was penniless. He must have married her for money.' His former father-in-law said Yildirim was not a pious person. Referring to the groom, HURRIYET said, "It turns out that the person whom Merve has married to regain Turkish nationality, is, just as Merve, a U.S. citizen. But unlike her, he did everything legal, acquiring dual citizenship after obtaining permission from the Turkish authorities." An article written by HURRIYET's history expert Murat Bardakci was titled, "Queen Zoe of Byzantium too had married four times -- to ascend to the throne and to be able to remain there. That was a process which began 970 years ago." MILLIYET said, "Bride's family paid the wedding bills."

Five terrorists in Turkey

CUMHURIYET said: "Authorities have determined that five members of a terrorist group affiliated with Saudi Arabian billionnaire-terrorist Osama bin Laden have entered Turkey over the past three months, bearing forged passports. Their target is believed to be either the Russian diplomatic missions in Turkey or the foreign dignitaries who will be arriving in Istanbul to attend the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe [OCSE] Summit."

Municipalities banned from land development

SABAH said: "The Council of State, the country's highest administrative court, has ended the metropolitan mayors' powers to build and sell housing units. In a case involving the municipality of Istanbul's Kucukcekmece district, the Council of State reached a verdict in favor of the Kucukcekmece Municipality on the grounds that the Municipality of Greater Istanbul's duties do not include house-building. The Municipality of Greater Istanbul has filed an objection. If that objection is rejected, the Basak project in Istanbul and the Evka project in Izmir will have to be shelved."

Subway project comes to a halt

MILLIYET said: "Since the Treasury refused to underwrite a loan to be obtained by the municipality, the subway construction has come to a halt yet another time. Officials had announced that the Taksim-Dorduncu Levent leg of the Istanbul Metro [subway] would be inaugurated with a ceremony on Oct. 29."

Obnoxious attack on the mayor

ORTADOGU said: "The former mayor orders the assassination to cover up the irregularities he has committed -- Mayor Mehmet Dolkan of Kozyoruk in Malkara, Tekirdag, of the Nationalist Movement Party [MHP] was shot dead in front of a mosque last Friday by former Mayor Rasim Yay's son Remzi Yay."

The military's model for the Southeast

RADIKAL said, "At the latest National Security Council [MGK] meeting the military commanders stressed that the causes which caused terrorism in the Southeast must be eliminated. Chief of General Staff Gen. Huseyin Kivrikoglu suggested that a 'Southeastern Anatolia Undersecretariat' be created to coordinate and accelerate services and investments in the region."

Ciller wins in Istanbul

RADIKAL said: "Opposition True Path Party [DYP] leader Tansu Ciller's candidate for chairmanship of the party's Istanbul branch, Suleyman Soylu, received 477 votes at the provincial congress. His nearest rival, Ahmet Vali, received 91 votes."

The lie

RADIKAL said: "Fadil Akgunduz's company Jet-Pa has spent $2 million for the promotion of the 'first Turkish car which will compete on the world markets.' The construction of the plant, which Akgunduz says will produce 100,000 vehicles annually in Siirt as of 2002, is yet to begin. That project is a pipe dream."

A nation is dying

YENI SAFAK said: "As the Russian massacre in Chechnya continues, Chechen commander Shamil Basayev issued a message to the world which may well be the Chechens' last scream for help. As Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit prepares to visit Russia, the Chechen people whom Russia is determined to exterminate, is locked in a life or death struggle. The West, and the Islamic countries, Turkey among them, remain mute in the face of this massacre." An ORTADOGU headline said, "Daily FINANCIAL TIMES says that a potential new clash between Armenia and Azerbaijan can push Russia and Turkey to the brink of a war."

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