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The founder of an online sex shop, marked for selling ‘halal’ products, said the website attracted a higher number of demands for women’s products than expected, in an interview with the daily Birgün.

Welcoming women and men in separate sections, one of the website’s owners, Haluk Murat Demirel, said the website offered a comfortable environment for its customers, including women.

He cited nudity in similar websites as the main reason why women avoid them.

He also noted that approximately 45 percent of the sales made included women’s products.

When asked whether the firm was planning to open a store apart from the website, Demirel said they would not, as the people do not feel comfortable when entering sex stores.

He also added the website drew negative reactions from leftist and non-religious groups, despite having support from the more religious people.


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Notice on comments

Zlatan Zinho

10/24/2013 2:19:11 PM

@Faruk Beisser, I am stating the position in terms of theological and spiritual ideals. In reality, there is not a 100% correlation between what Islam says and what Muslims do, just as there is a gap between Christian values and (post-)Christian practice. Who in Northern Europe or the USA seriously lives by the Ten Commandments? But the principles are there for those who choose to follow them.

Turk Uzan

10/24/2013 10:15:47 AM

@Nyob, Well for starters there are no sex toys like dildos etc. There is nothing involving anal. And there are no naked pictures, pop ups, porn ads etc. Even though I find this very comical. If there is demand there always is someone who will supply it. I mean I can imagine that the pious guy who goes to the mosque on a daily basis would be too ashamed to go to his local pharmacy to get contraception, viagra or lube. So I really do not see the big problem here, it's a good thing in my opinion

Brit in Turkey

10/24/2013 10:04:36 AM

nyob nyobb: For one you take your shoes off, for the other you don't.

Faruk Beisser

10/24/2013 9:59:57 AM

Zlatan, enjoyment of sex????? Yes, Islam does have that in the literature, contrary to Catholic teachings, but in practice it is non-existent in Islamic countries. In reality women, and very much so in Turkey, are only vessels for the relief of male sexual pressure, love making is an unknown.

nyob nyobb

10/23/2013 11:21:21 PM

Would someone please explain to me the difference between a halal and a secular sex shop?

Zlatan Zinho

10/23/2013 9:34:25 PM

@Brian Irlanda, sex and sexuality in Islam and Catholicism are very different. For a start, in Islam contraception is permitted and enjoyment of sex (particularly for women) is prized and praised. There is a rich literature on this subject within Islamic theology stretching back many centuries, way before it was fashionable in the West. In this respect, Islam is much more like Taoism.

john albay

10/23/2013 8:03:07 PM

well you cant stop sex,thats for sure!

Ata Dizdar

10/23/2013 8:02:56 PM

I wonder what a Islamic fleshlight would look like and how much it would cost. Perhaps it would be a spirtual "experience".

cezer "çapulcu" skonore

10/23/2013 5:40:09 PM

If you poke fun with the halal sex shop, they interpret it as negative reaction.

Çılgın Kanarya

10/23/2013 5:13:51 PM

"He also added the website drew negative reactions from leftist and non-religious groups". I think he's confusing the word 'negative' with 'amused', just like frustrated boy Karr did in the last article on this topic! I will never understand what it is about religious people that causes their brains to be unable to comprehend humour! A scholarly study needs to be carried out into this phenomenon! As a secularist, I have nothing against this sex site for the pious. It's just funny, that's all.
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