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Former Turkish police chief to face trial in case against outlawed group

ISTANBUL - Daily News with Radikal | 2/6/2011 12:00:00 AM |

A Turkish court accepted an indictment against an outlawed leftist organization Friday, paving the way for a trial against former police chief Hanefi Avcı.

A Turkish court accepted an indictment against the outlawed Revolutionary Headquarters organization Friday, paving the way for a trial against its alleged members, including former police chief Hanefi Avcı.

The indictment, which charges Avcı with manipulating the judiciary and violating the confidentiality of an investigation, claims that the former police chief aided the illegal leftist organization and has demanded that he be sentenced to upwards of 49 years in prison.

Avcı, however, has said he spent much of his career battling illegal leftist organizations, meaning it was illogical for him to be accused of membership in one.

The indictment also charges his wife, Şenay Avcı, with possessing more than one gun for which the license had expired.

Prosecutors alleged that Avcı allegedly illegally obtained court decisions about the outlawed organization and relayed them to key suspect Necdet Kılıç. The former police chief is also charged with illegally obtaining decisions made by the court to wiretap members of the organization during the investigation process.

A series of wiretappings of media personalities and businesspeople, including one into the Susurluk case, was recently located in Avcı’s office, although the former police chief said they had been planted. The Susurluk scandal broke after a car crash in the town of Susurluk in Balıkesir in 1996 exposed a link between the police, mafia and corrupt politicians.

Avcı has been in the media spotlight since publishing a book last year titled “Haliç’te Yaşayan Simonlar: Dün Devlet Bugün Cemaat” (“Devotee” Residents of Haliç: Yesterday State, Today Religious Community), which alleges that the religious Gülen community has covertly taken control of the state.

The former police chief was arrested following the book’s publication for his allegedly contacts with the Revolutionary Headquarters. Prior to the publication of the book, Avcı was known to be close to the Gülen community.



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