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WASHINGTON – Anatolia News Agency

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Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan has laid the foundation for a Turkish-American cultural center in Maryland during his first public event in the US. AA photo

Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan has laid the foundation for a Turkish-American cultural center in Maryland during his first public event in the US. AA photo

The father of a victim of the deadly Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla in 2010 is accompanying Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on his US visit that kicked off on May 15. Ahmet Doğan, whose son Furkan was among the nine killed during the operation, told Anatolia news agency that he was hoping to meet President Barack Obama and give him information about the ongoing trials of the Israeli soldiers that participated in the raid. 

Doğan said that he had written a letter to Obama requesting a meeting but Erdoğan had asked him to join the delegation.

“I met with [Erdoğan] in Ankara before his departure to Washington. He said that he could give the letter to the U.S. President but that it would be better if I gave it him in person. So he asked me to join the delegation,” Doğan said, adding that he wanted to talk about the progress of the trials in the United States. “I intend to give him information on the latest developments regarding the trials and talk about Furkan’s situation if I can meet him in person,” he said.  

Erdoğan lays the foundation of a cultural center

Meanwhile Erdoğan has laid the foundation for a Turkish-American cultural center in Maryland during his first public event in the US. Erdoğan said that the project would be an important center reflecting the “alliance of civilizations.” “In a period marked by Islamophobia, this center will express the brotherhood showing how wrong [Islamophobia] is,” he said. 


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Notice on comments

mara mcglothin

5/19/2013 3:32:52 AM

T.C. I do believe that many of us are monitoring the situation. It will probably get worse before it gets better, but I am confident in the system. Still the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.


5/17/2013 6:16:07 PM

@JRC: No need to be a nit picker, Ottoman era/Turkiye, same people, same race. Amerika only been around for 400 years, after the mass killings/genocide of the native Americans and colonization of their lands. I also had another post which didn't get posted. Shall try again tho. @ Mara: You don't get it twisted, really open your eyes and see where your government is taking you. I can tell you, it's not a nice place and probably a place of no return. Corporate Amerika, its all about the Benjamins

mara mcglothin

5/17/2013 3:56:55 PM

T>C> America advanced through the strong work ethic of its citizens. Don't get it twisted. Only time will tell.


5/17/2013 2:51:45 PM

@T.C, you are aware that Turkey is under 100 years old, aren't you?


5/17/2013 8:06:23 AM

Amerika is the poorest of all the 'advanced' countries with the biggest forgein debt in history. Over 15% are below the poverty line with 30% just on that line. You use stand over tactics and intimidation not to mention double dealing to further your own agendas. Amerika, the great war machine... all just to keep your precious dollar a float, which is basically worthless now. Hence all these wars, and who gets rich from them? You can research that to!


5/17/2013 8:05:00 AM

@ Mara... And how do you think Amerika go so advanced? By robbing other countries of their resources. Making secret deals with the Nazis. You do know your whole NASA program was started and run by Nazis, right? Maybe you should research Operation Paper Clip. Learn about your own countries history before you insult another. Which is pretty much all you Amerikans do on this site. Turkiye was and will be around long after the good ol' U.S of Amerika is done and dusted. U.S is 'running on fumes'

mara mcglothin

5/16/2013 5:47:15 PM

DUTCHTURK And that is why Turkey is soooo advanced? Busy with the Turkish Dream. What a laugh.

Suhail Shafi

5/16/2013 5:45:06 PM

Mr Obama and the entire political establishment of the US owes an apology to Mr Dogan and all the victims of Zionism.

mara mcglothin

5/16/2013 5:07:57 PM

Backward behavior once again by someone extremely backward with no understanding of how the system works.


5/16/2013 12:15:29 PM

@dennis kavaz, for your info.....That young man was a Turkish American, with American and Turkish citizenships, got it? The American dream failed, since the US kept silent, while Turkey pushed everything for it's Turkish and Kurdish citizens killed on the Mavi Marmara. Well the Turkish Dream is indeed much older than the American one, the times they were on ships looking for the new continent, our grandfathers were busy with the Turkish Dream :))
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