POLITICS > Police to consider protesters in Istanbul’s Taksim Square terror organization members: Minister


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Egemen Bağış has been very critical of foreign media reports of the ongoing protests in Turkey. DHA photo

Egemen Bağış has been very critical of foreign media reports of the ongoing protests in Turkey. DHA photo

Everyone who enters Istanbul’s Taksim Square, the heart of nearly 20-day-long protests against the government, will be considered a member or a supporter of a terrorist organization, Turkey’s European Union minister said in a televised interview late last night.

“I request our citizens who supported the protests until today kindly to return to their homes,” Egemen Bağış said in an interview on broadcaster A Haber.

“From now on the state will unfortunately have to consider everyone who remains there a supporter or member of a terror organization,” he said. “Our prime minister has already assured [activists] about their aim with the protests. The protests from now on will play into the hands of some separatist organizations that want to break the peace and prioritize vandalism and terrorism.”

High-ranking Turkish officials have been posting warnings on the issue and everyone should act in a sensitive manner, he said.

Clashes between the police and protesters in Istanbul continued around the square along with some other parts of the city until this morning.

Bağış repeated his criticism of foreign media for exaggerating the protests in Turkey.

“Unfortunately, the foreign press has made a big mistake on this issue,” he said, saying that they wanted to reflect Turkey as a country where life has halted.

“Hours-long broadcasting that is even not interrupted by commercials has damaged Turkey’s image,” he said.

“But these long broadcasts surely have a financial reason, and this will be revealed. International channels such as BBC and CNN never do such broadcasting without any advertisement. Somebody somehow financed these broadcasts. Like our prime minister said, the losses of the interest rate lobby due to low interest rates have exceeded $650 billion in Turkey,” he said, adding that this was a result of the government’s dedication. “This drives them crazy and they are doing everything to disturb the calm in our country and win back their losses.”


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Notice on comments

Tarek Masud

7/15/2013 10:18:39 AM

Those who call the terrorists at Taksim 'demonstrators' call the demonstrators against the military coup in Egypt 'terrorists'.

In A Flap

6/22/2013 1:50:10 AM

can I point out to the oberstumbanfuhrer that the BBC does not do advertising.

Hans-Joachim "Terrorist" Zierke

6/19/2013 1:48:47 PM

Gulay Onder, thanks.

Gulay Onder

6/19/2013 1:50:49 AM

Hans-Joachim, 1)Corruption: He did send xmas gift cards to journalists, television presenters, top public officers, top police officers etc ( By the way Muslims/ AKP don't celebrate Christmas ) 2)Misconduct in office: He has used his power to change Police officers locations.3)Forgery/false information: He has used his power to get an USA Visa for his relative with false information.Also,a few emails contents offensive words; one of the swearing mail shows that he has no recpect for his people.

Hans-Joachim "Terrorist" Zierke

6/18/2013 10:33:16 PM

Gulay Onder, what was so bad about his emails?

Brit in Turkey

6/18/2013 8:12:12 PM

Derek Williams: It may possibly be to do with backhanders and nepotism.

Derek Williams

6/18/2013 4:35:59 PM

Why does the Turkish government want to construct concrete buildings on public green parks? I don't understand its disdain for greenery. If I was there, I would be protesting too. In Scotland we have huge belts of greenery surrounding cities, and it leads to a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere, great for families and tourists.

sam stevens

6/18/2013 12:27:01 PM

If ever a government showed themselves to be totally inadequate, it is the AKP.

Gulay Onder

6/18/2013 11:20:00 AM

Egemen Bagis is a defeated man. His political career went down the drain when his emails published by RedHack two weeks ago..Who takes him serious now...He is Erdogan's muppet..And we don't obey dictator.

Joe B

6/18/2013 10:55:29 AM

This guy would not have this post if it hadn't been for Erdogan. Of course he will say anything to please his pay master. Sad.
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