Eroğlu hails Turkish soldiers in Cyprus

Eroğlu hails Turkish soldiers in Cyprus

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Eroğlu hails Turkish soldiers in Cyprus

Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Küçük (2nd R) meets army officials in Nicosia. AA photo

The President of Turkish Cyprus Derviş Eroğlu yesterday said that Turkish Cypriots were attached to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) by heart.

Speaking to reporters while receiving Turkey’s Land Forces Commander Gen. Hayri Kıvrıkoğlu, Eroğlu said “the Turkish Cypriots are attached to the TSK by heart … Our people are aware of where we have come and where we have come from. The Peace Operation of 1974, the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus state, and our tranquility and security were established by our Motherland and the TSK. We thank the TSK and offer our appreciation to you.” Kıvrıkoğlu said the Turkish Peace Forces in Northern Cyprus had brought peace to the island, not only for Turkish Cypriots but also for Greek Cypriots.

“The Peace Forces have been protecting peace for the past 38 years. I am here to visit the Turkish troops serving as part of the [Turkish] Peace Forces and the Turkish Cypriot forces,” Kıvrıkoğlu said. “Turkish Cypriots deserve the best of everything. The republic stands on its feet. I am pleased to witness this.”

Kıvrıkoğlu later met with the Turkish Cyprus Parliamentary Speaker Hasan Bozer at a closed meeting, and Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister İrsen Küçük. Küçük said Kıvrıkoğlu was always by the side of the Turkish Cypriots and that they were always in dialogue.

Derviş Eroğlu