Ericsson plans to establish 4.5G plant in Turkey

Ericsson plans to establish 4.5G plant in Turkey

Ericsson plans to establish 4.5G plant in Turkey


Ericsson is pushing the button to establish a 4.5G plant in Turkey and awaits clarification on the criteria for locally produced equipment to start its investment, as reported by Turkish daily Milliyet. 

The Swedish giant will train Turkish software developers as well, according to the report. 

Ziya Erdem, CEO of Ericsson Turkey, said Sweden’s head offices have approved the investment decision. 

“We are planning to establish a plant in Turkey with 100 percent Ericsson capital,” Erdem said, adding that they are still working on the investment amount.

 “We’ll also train Turkish software developers, which will help us be effective in software as well as equipment production,” he said.

Erdem said in establishing the 4.5G network, one should meet locally set production rates However, the company is still not clear as to what will be deemed local production and what will not, adding, “An operator envisaging failure to fulfill the local production condition can apply to the Information and Communication Board of Turkey [BTK] at latest 6 months prior to the end of the obligation period, presenting the justifications for such failure. The BTK can then approve the reduction or removal of the relevant obligation upon consulting with the ministry,” he said.

“We have to know to what extent we can meet the criteria by producing the equipment in Turkey. Software should also be a part of the criteria,” he added.