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Prime Minister Erdoğan arrives in Washington for his official visit. AA photo

Prime Minister Erdoğan arrives in Washington for his official visit. AA photo

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made it clear before his departure that he and U.S. President Barack Obama would "discuss what they can do for Syria" at their meeting on May 16.

“The Syrian issue will of course be the first topic on the agenda. We will discuss what we can do for the future and what more active steps we can take,” Erdoğan told reporters May 14 in Ankara’s airport.

Underlining that a second Geneva Communiqué was approaching, Erdoğan said that they would discuss what was needed to get an earlier result. Erdoğan arrived late yesterday in Washington Joint Base Andrews Naval air facility, where he has been welcomed with full military ceremony. He visited the construction site of Turkish-American Cultural and Community Center.

Energy issue on table

Alongside with Syrian crisis, peace in the Middle East, the transatlantic free trade talks, and energy issues, particularly Turkey’s oil imports from northern Iraq will also discussed at the meeting. Energy Minister Taner Yıldız, who was not on the initial delegation list, is among ministers accompanying the Prime Minister. Yıldız is set to hold talks with officials from U.S. Secretary of Energy concerning the energy matters as Erdoğan announced at the last moment yesterday that Turkey had reached a deal with the American petroleum firm Exxon Mobile. “It is possible to make reciprocal agreements. There isn’t any obstacle in front of this. Now, Turkey, our petroleum firms, have reached an agreement with Exxon Mobil which is an American firm. There are no obstacles for us to do such things,” he had said. The American-Turkish energy cooperation, primarily the surprise Exxon Mobile agreement is expected to be examined and improved during the visit.


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Notice on comments

ilker avni

5/16/2013 7:10:01 PM

@ Eric Martin Its easy for you to say Turkish soldiers should fight Syria alone,has America fought in Iraq and Afganistan alone? i dont think so,Turkey would end up fighting Iran and Iraq and of course Syria,the Americans and Israelis would love a scenario like that,Turkish soldiers loseing they lives for nothing.

Blue Dotterel

5/16/2013 5:19:07 PM

Erdogan is heading to the US for more instructions. Expect more false flags and lies from the AKP leadership soon after he returns.

Aryeh Rapaport

5/16/2013 3:53:22 PM

US should demand Turkey stop support for Hamas & Islamic extremists in general. Turks have requests but US has agenda as well. US should help Syria more with weapons but it must go to moderate, democracy lovers, minority respectors. Currently US cant support opposition because countries like Turkey are supporting, funding, financing extremists such as Al Nusra. This group which is related to Al Qaida should never get weapons from US. Turkeys support for this group and their kind is recorded

Eric Martin

5/16/2013 1:23:24 PM

Bomb Syria ! You look weak. Turkey looks in disarray. Always waiting for help or the USA. What do you think Israel would do?

david coors

5/16/2013 4:17:05 AM

A military ceremony with a squad of soldiers, sailors, airmen without any high ranking US diplomats is not really "full military ceremony." Look at the military ceremonies performed important European head of states, you will see the difference. In other words, the importance given to any state can be measured by the size of welcoming ceremonies.b

ilker avni

5/16/2013 3:07:49 AM

American oil companies are loseing out to China and Asian oil companies,they market share has fallen to only 7% while the Asians have grabbed 30% of the Worlds oil.The West are loseing out to Asian oil companies.Thirty years ago the West controlled the Oil, not any more.Turkeys ambition is to be major player in Northern Iraq,then it can have a major role in the energy market supplying the EU with all its energy requirements,Gas and Oil,from Azerbajan to Israel useing Turkeys energy hub to Europe

suat yildirim

5/15/2013 5:56:39 PM

I am looking at the picture there is some thing not wright. I can't see any high ranking US diplomats.They where there when UK. prime minister visited few days ago.The other think take my attentions is Mrs Erdogans out fits very unusual combination and style.Turkey deserve better from our Representatives. After all she is there to show the Americans what Turkish woman made of.
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