ANIMALS >Driver who intentionally killed stray dog in hit-and-run in Turkey’s Antalya released after detention

ANTALYA – Doğan News Agency

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A driver who killed a stray dog in a hit-and-run in the Mediterranean province of Antalya on July 17 was released after his detention by the Antalya police.

A fiery debate among Turkish social media users had been stirred after terrifying footage was revealed showing a vehicle that vanished away after killing the stray dog without looking back.

The video also shows that the suspect purposely drove his vehicle into a group of stray dogs.

The police identified the suspect who hit the dog and took him for his testimony to the police headquarters in Antalya.

Erhan Kozan, 39, confessed his crime, denying that he did it intentionally.

“The dogs ran barking towards the vehicle from the right of the road while I was driving in the Ünsal neighborhood. I thought I ran over the paws of one of the dogs and stopped about 50 meters ahead. There were five or six dogs at the scene and I could not turn back. I did not have any intentions [of hitting them],” he said in his testimony.

After his testimony, Kozan spoke with the press, saying he could not face his children because he felt ashamed.

“It was an unexpected incident. I am filled with pricks of shame. I cannot face my children. I say I regret it, but no one believes me. There is nothing to say. A living being has died because of me. It could be an ant, it does not matter. I am pleading to god for forgiveness,” he said.

The Antalya Police Department released a statement over the debate, stating that proceedings were started for him on charges of “contravening with the law for the protection animals” and “jeopardizing traffic security.”


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