LOCAL >Dispute between Syrian worker, employer raises tensions in Turkey’s Sakarya


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Tensions between a Syrian worker and factory department head on the morning of June 15 in the Hendek district of the Marmara province of Sakarya escalated to involve hundreds of locals, Doğan News Agency has reported. 

The incident was first sparked by a dispute between a Syrian youngster working at a factor at the district’s Second Organized Industrial Site and the factory department head. The tension escalated as the Syrian worker reportedly brought 10 of his friends to the factory, attacking the car of the department head with stones and sticks.

Two people were injured in the incident and were later taken to the Hendek State Hospital for treatment.

Following the tense situation at the factory, events scattered to the district center, with officials sending gendarmerie and police teams taking safety precautions at various points. 

Hundreds of locals who gathered in the center of Hendek subsequently targeted Syrians walking on a street late at night, while one group reportedly broke into three houses accommodating Syrian refugees and attacked those inside. 

One of the angry mob members, Emre Susuz, told reporters that the crowd had beaten up many Syrian refugees.

“Syrians had started a fight at the organized industrial site. They are also said to have been making comments about local women. This is why many of us gathered and beat up Syrians wherever we saw them … Police then showed up and intervened with batons,” Susuz said. 

Police reportedly detained two people, and had to call for back up from additional police teams from neighboring districts and the Sakarya police headquarters. The crowd reportedly dispersed after safety precautions were taken.


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