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How to engage in deception on the EU issue

From a June 2 article by Yeni Safak's Mehmet Ocaktan:

Both politicans and the military display, at different times, a pro-European attitude and then express reservations about almost all of the EU criteria.

In other words, everybody is engaging in a little deception when it comes to EU-related issues.

Importation of a certain threat perception

From a June 2 article by Yeni Safak's Ahmet Tasgetiren:

One of the major reservations the military express about globalization is that it leads to "threat perception exportation". This reservation is justifiable indeed.

However, this issue has another dimension, a "threat perception importation" dimension.

For example, the Feb. 28 process [the nationwide drive the National Security Council (MGK) launched against the fundamentalist movements on Feb. 28, 1997, a drive which eventually led to the collapse of the Welfarepath government] seems like "importation into Turkey" of NATO's "new threat perception" in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, doesn't it?

The Grasshopper

From a June 2 article by Yeni Safak's Fehmi Koru:

What has been experienced concerning the Sept. 11 attacks in the U.S. and the Iraq War is, in reality, something we became familiar during the Feb. 28 period: psychological warfare.

The similarity between these two cases is too prominent to escape attention. The grasshopper would hop once, twice, and...[a reference to the Turkish saying, The grasshopper would hop once, twice and get caught on the third hop, meaning that if you pull the same trick over and over you will be caught eventually.]

The military stages a tactical raid

From a June 2 article by Hurriyet's Sukru Kucuksahin:

After MGK Secretary-General Gen. Tuncer Kilinc objected to certain parts of the sixth harmonization with the EU package the General Staff did the same thing, causing surprise and disappointment in the government circles. Bureaucrats attitude too came as a disappointment to the government.

It is no secret that during last Wednesday's MGK meeting the package was put on the table by the military wing of the MGK though that was not an issue on the agenda. Obviously neither the government nor the bureaucrats had expected the military to resort to that tactic. They had thought that the talks would be limited to the items on the official agenda of the meeting.

'Syphoners' get away with it

HURRIYET said: "Businessman Rahmi Koc: Here, the law-abiding citizens get punished while others get away with violating the laws. This goes for those who syphon off funds from banks as well as for those who pick up flowers in parks. Speaking in Marmaris, Koc said, 'One of our basic problems is lack of adequately deterrent laws and law-enforcement. The mere presence of the laws and their implementation would not suffice. The mentality must change. A man has built a four-story house near my house in Kekova. We wrote to the governor about it but we could not resolve it. The man got away with it.' Referring to the government-military relationship, Koc said, 'If, on the European Union issue, the General Staff has reservations, there must be a reason for it. These should be overcome through talking, through massaging, with the persuasion method'."

Police foundation presents 'syphoner' with a placard

MILLIYET said: "Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan presented with a ceremony placards to those who have donated money to the Foundation for the Protection of the Turkish Police Organization's Orphans (TEYEV). The donors included Halis Toprak, the former owner of Toprakbank that has been seized by the state because it has been 'hollowed out'."

Let 'syphoners' be punished

YENI SAFAK said: "Most of the applications made to Parliament's Petitions Committee involve the irregularities and bank 'syphoners' [those bank owners who have allegedly emptied out the bank coffers fraudulently, chanelling bank funds into their own companies.] One citizen, Cihan Berk, says in his petition, 'Those who have syphoned off billions of dollars from banks must be duly punished'."

Advice to kings

MILLIYET's Fikret Bila reported: "Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul: 'In the Arab world the kingdom and emirate type of regimes are an obstacle to development. These regimes should change.' IT IS THESE REGIMES THAT CAUSE THE PROBLEMS: Elaborating on the call he had issued in Tehran, Gul said, 'The reason for the state Islamic countries are currently in, is the regimes of these countries. What I am calling for is the alteration of the regime in these countries by the leaders of those countries themselves. DON'T LET IT BE THROUGH EXTERNAL PRESSURE: It must be ensured that these countries switch to democracy, create a transparent administration, and that people participate in the administration. Closed regimes based on dictature, kingdoms and emirates, are the real obstacle on the path to development. These countries should switch to a democratic regime themselves without any need for pressures to be exerted from abroad'."

Besiktas sets a record

MILLIYET said: "Besiktas soccer team which has played havoc with the records in this year's first league, has found its way into the Guinness book of records with the two-kilometer long and eight-meters wide black and white Besiktas flag prepared for its centennial festivities. Thousands of fans holding up the unfolded flag over their hands marched on from Istanbul's Balmumcu district along the Barbaros Boulevard to the Inonu stadium in Dolmabahce. Seen from high up the flag looked like three white lines on a black background extending for two kilometers." HURRIYET said: "The centennial carnival."

Partisan appointments announcement

MILLIYET said: "In Canakkale's Bayramic county, Taci Soysal, head of the local branch of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), told those who wanted to work in the construction of the thermal power plant being built in nearby Can to apply to the AK Party office in Bayramic. The announcement made to this effect from the municipal building caused a furore. The heads of the branch offices of some other parties said, 'This is proof of the partisan appointments."

More in line with our culture

HURRIYET said: "AK Party circles had a mixed reaction to the modern way of tying up a headscarf [in a way that leaves the neck bare entirely, stopping at the hairline] developed by Ahsen Unakitan, the wife of Finance Minister Kemal Unakitan. Vahit Erdem said, 'This is more in line with the traditional way of wearing a headscarf in the Anatolian provinces.' Eyup Sanay said, 'Methods of this kind would not solve the problem [the dress code under which civil servants and students are banned from wearing turbans at state departments and in schools]. That is just a way of keeping appearances. She probably tied up her scarf in that fashion so as not to draw attention.' Ali Sezai said, 'If the minister is managing the country's finances properly her wife can dress up any way she wants to. She can be blind, she can be lame, she can bare her head...What is that to the public?'"

18-month term for a crime that was not committed

RADIKAL said: "Dr. Sinan Cem Uzunget, an M.D., has been given a 15-month prison sentence because he was among the 20 persons that attempted to issue a press release in Ankara but were taken into custody before they could actually talk to the press. His sentence has not been postponed on the grounds that he has a 'propensity to commit crimes'. Members of the group were taken into custody on July 31, 2000 for 'attempting' to issue a statement against the switch to the F-type [maximum security] prisons. During the trial the defendants said they committed no crime and the two policemen who testified said they could not identify the defendants, saying that they could not remember clearly the events of the day. The Supreme Court of Appeals rejected Uzunget's appeal and he was put into prison on April 17, 2003."

Interest rate lobby's super bureaucrat

YENI SAFAK said: "Despite the decline of the inflation rate and the exchange rates the policy of keeping the interest rates high is being maintained persistently. This is being seen as 'The service Central Bank governor Sureyya Serdengecti's is doing to the holding companies that gain interest [by lending the state huge sums by way of buying government bonds and, as a result, do not want this lucrative activity to come to an end.]'" SABAH quoted businessman Rahmi Koc as saying, "The Central Bank has to say HALT to dollar [to dollar's fall] at some point. If the gap becomes too wide it would be hard to correct it once again'."

Their 'gains' are no longer available, this is why they are crying out

YENI SAFAK said: "Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that certain circles are claiming that the government is making partisan appointments because the government has cut off their access to 'gains'. He stressed that the government is being criticized unjustly. He said, 'I am disclosing the cause of their uneasines. They are upset because we have put a stick into the beehive'."

Sets his eyes on a gambling house permit

SABAH said: "Sudi Ozkan, a former casino operator who has returned to Turkey due to the recently-introduced tax pardon scheme, has no intention to say 'pass' in this game. He says, 'If I could obtain any guarantees I would open new casinos. Five-star hotels have to have casinos.' Ozkan had left the country due to his TL 1.7 quadrillion tax debt -- which has been reduced to TL 900 trillion thanks to the tax pardon. Now he is back in Turkey with his 23-year-old Russian wife Katerina, 40 years younger than him, and their two sons."

IMF policies finishing off the country

CUMHURIYET said: "CASH-RICH TPAO CANNOT FIND RESOURCES TO MAKE INVESTMENTS, AGRICULTURAL SECTOR GOES BANKRUPT: The Turkish Petroleum Company (TPAO) had earned a TL 613 trillion before-tax profit in 2001. Yet, the Treasury is seizing the company's profits, using these funds for debt servicing. Having left with no resources with which to make investments, the company is in dire straits. The Supreme Inspection Board (YDK) has warned that unless this abnormal situation gets reversed the TPAO investments in the country will come to a halt altogether."

'The reservations on the EU issue should be overcome through massaging'

SABAH said: "Businessman Rahmi Koc said: 'In the European Union there would be no religious fundamentalism. On the other hand, the military do not carry that much weight [over there.] There must be justified reasons for the General Staff's reservations about the EU. These must be overcome through talking, by using the method of persuasion, through massaging. Meanwhile, the rigid, anachronistic taboos must be eased gradually'."

'EU championing does the country harm'

YENI SAFAK said: "Criticizing the AK Party government, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahceli said, 'The AK Party approaches -- acting like a champion of national will sometimes and acting like a disciple of the European Union at other times -- only do harm to Turkey, to our national unity and peace." An ORTADOGU headline said: "Our honor has been shelved." Another ORTADOGU headline said: "One million traders and artisans have gone under."

We downed Greek planes in turn

MILLIYET said: "Speaking at a meeting held at the Cigli Main Jet Base in Izmir, retired Lieut. Gen, Yasar Mujdeci, a pilot, said, 'We too had downed a few Greek planes. They crashed into the sea.' He argued that dogfights were needed in order to measure up the combat capabilities of the two sides."

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