The Blue Dot

ANKARA/Turkish Daily News | 2/6/2005 12:00:00 AM | Elif KARADENİZLİ-Yasemin GÜRKAN

How old is our gray earth? How about the vast universe in which all we earthlings appear as a big dot? And what about human beings? Not only science is searching for the answers to these questions but art is looking as well.

"I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

Albert Einstein

“I guess the essence of humans is bad. I wrote this opera to show this point and to remind people that we have to protect the earth from us...”

Selman Ada

How old is our gray earth? How about the vast universe in which all we earthlings appear as a big dot? And what about human beings? Not only science is searching for the answers to these questions but art is looking as well.

Selman Ada shows the Blue Dot. He says that we can repaint the Blue Dot to a more lively blue using our creative energy.

Blue Dot is not only a work of art the State Opera and Ballet Directorate can present with pride, but also the zenith of the virtuosity of Ada who became the “Youngest Opera Conductor in the World” in 1973, by conducting the Istanbul Opera Orchestra.

We also want to remind that the Blue Dot's World Premier is being presented with choreography to audiences in Ankara. İzmir State Opera and Ballet Directorate presented the Blue Dot as oratorio in Weisbaden and Munich.  

[HH] Waking the sleeping dragon:

“Emptiness ... Only emptiness ... Emptiness as big as nothing; bigger than nothing.”

Blue Dot, the words of which were written by Tarık Günersel,  combines nine acts that intermingle like a puzzle and reaches our time from the huge nothingness that existed before the Big Bang.

The acts are also works of art by themselves but the pieces, which figure the sleeping dragon, give the secret of the dragon only when they are gathered. We have to protect the world from us...

Ada expresses that he wrote Blue Dot in nearly ten months and the opera was staged in two months while the Ankara Opera and Ballet Directorate requested to perform the opera.

Ada says, “Ankara Opera and Ballet Directorate worked with all its artists who includes 80 choir members, 40 ballet dancers and 65 orchestra members.

Sopranos Şule Durham, Sayra Seyhan; tenors Yavuz Öztürk, Ömer Yılmaz; baritones Serkan Kocadere, Tuncer Tercan, Ünüşan Kuloğlu and bass Mithat Karakelle and Tuncay Kurtoğlu create the magnificent ambiance with their performances.

Blue Dot was choreographed by Mehmet Balkan, the world renowned Turkish choreography and Art Counselor of the State Opera and Ballet Directorate.

[HH] Passage of the illusionists:

The set and costumes of the Blue Dot were prepared by Savaş Camgöz. The costumes appear differently under different lights and the set is so spectacular it feels like you are actually in space.

[HH] What light shows and hides:

How about the firing from Heaven and expulsion to earth? The Devil? Yes he offers the apple to the woman first but it's not to say that man was so innocent. Oh, by the way, you will see in the middle of the second act what camouflage is, the military should also take this lesson.

The lighting director was Fuat Gök assisted by Stefano Pirandello,  the grand grand child of Italian literature and Nobel prize winner Luigi Pirandello. Pirandello is working at the Ankara Opera and Ballet Directorate as a guest light technician.  

Selman Ada describes the creative and representative team of Blue Dot as the most majestic cadre that ever gathered in the history of Turkish opera and adds, “I have to thank Remzi Buharalı, the general director of Ankara Opera and Ballet Directorate as he brought together many famous names for this opera.”

This opera will be performed on Feb. 9 and 23 at 8 p.m., at the Ankara Opera House. 



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