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Golden Orange wraps ups with few surprises

ANTALYA – Hürriyet Daily News | 10/18/2009 12:00:00 AM | ASLI SAĞLAM

Another International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival has come to an end.

Another International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival has come to an end.

In its 46th year, the festival was a little different than previous years. Because the municipality changed in Antalya – Republican People's Party, or CHP, took over from the Justice and Development Party, or AKP – the festival was organized differently.

Regardless of the restructuring, everyone seemed happy at the closing ceremony on Saturday. The directors, artists, producers, film critics, journalists and public took their places to watch the ceremony at the Glass Pyramid Fair and Congress Center.

The night started with big applause when CHP leader Deniz Baykal entered the venue. After a short performance by the Ankara State Symphony Orchestra, the tense quiet that had dominated the conference center disappeared. 

Though this year wasn’t as surprising as previous years, one movie’s sweep of five awards surprised festivalgoers. “Bornava Bornava,” İnan Temelkuran’s second feature film, was awarded with the Cinema Critics Association, or SİYAD, best national award, best editing, best actor, best actor and best film awards in the Golden Orange national competition.

Maybe Temelkuran and critics weren’t expecting the best film award to go to “Bornava Bornava,” but it wasn’t a surprise to anyone that the award was shared with Reha Erdem for his fantastic film “Kosmos.”

The two successful directors received their awards from Baykal.

Erdem’s “Kosmos” collected more than one award at the festival; he also received the best director award. The film, which tells the story of a thief who works miracles in a village, also won best director of cinematography and the Dr. Avni Tolunay Jury Special Award for its sound design.

While Erdem thanked everyone on his team and the audience when he received the award, Temelkuran said there might have been some cracks in the system after the military coup in 1980 and that the directors were there to dig out the problems. “We want to show good things about this country as well, but first we need to show what should be changed,” he concluded. 

Erden Kıral, head of this year’s national competition, said that all the films and directors in the competition were strong, making it difficult for the jury to make its decisions. “We allocated some of the awards. The children were in the leading role at the festival this year. Most were not actors, but they were successful in acting. We want to celebrate them,” Kıral said. “Most of the films at the competition were from third-generation directors. I acknowledge that third-generation directors are very courageous in making films and touching upon problems.”

Nergis Öztürk, with her role in the film “Envy,” directed by prominent director Zeki Demirkubuz, received the best actress award. She plays a desolated woman who develops a love-hate relationship with her brother.

The best actor award went to young talent Öner Erkan for his role in “Bornava Bornava.” The best supporting actress award went to 19-year-old actress Damla Sönmez for her role in “Bornava Bornava.”

Temelkuran’s film develops basically in front of a grocery store in a district of the city of İzmir. Displaying rebellious youngsters, “Bornava Bornava” depicts a generation that tries to earn its living through work and shows how easy is to kill a person today. It is based on conversation rather than action.

At the ceremony, the best screenplay award was given to Onur Ünlü for “Five Cities.” There was a big applause when Kıral announced that “On the Way to School” won the best first film award.

Originally named “İki Dil Bir Bavul,” which also was among the most admired films at the Adana Golden Boll International Film Festival, it was shot by two directors. The documentary-like film's characters are from the real world. A young teacher who comes from Denizli tries to teach Turkish instead of primary school classes to children who cannot speak a word of Turkish because their mother tongue is Kurdish.

The best international feature film award was also allocated to two films. The Russian made “Paper Soldier” and “Boarder” won the award. The much-debated Kurdish film “Min Dit” received one award at the ceremony. The Behlül Dal young talent award, shared by four films, was given to the film’s screenwriter.

“We did not expect to win any awards at the ceremony. That’s why I am a little surprised,” Evrim Alataş said, adding that she receives the award for the children of Diyarbakır. 


46. International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Awards

[HH] National Film Competition:

* Best Films: “Bornova Bornova” and “Kosmos”

* Best Debut: “On the Way to School”

* Best Director: Reha Erdem for “Kosmos”

* Best Screenplay: Onur Ünlü for “Five Cities”

* Best Director of Cinematography: Florent Harry for “Kosmos”

* Best Music: Mehmet Erdem-Özgür Akgül for “Piano Girl”

* Best Actress: Nergis Öztürk in “Envy”

* Best Actor: Öner Erkan in “Bornova Bornova”

* Best Supporting Actress: Damla Sönmez in “Bornova Bornova”

* Best Supporting Actor: Volga Sorgu in “Black Dogs Barking”

* Best Art Director: Zeynep Koloğlu for “The Master”

* Behlül Dal Special Jury Award: Bahadır Karataş ("The Master"), Emre Şahin ("40"), Evrim Alataş ("Min Dit"), Tansu Biçer ("Five Cities")

* Dr. Avni Tolunay Jury Special Award: “Kosmos”

[HH] National Short Film Competition:

* Best Short Film: “Kısır Döngü”

[HH] National Documentary Competition:

* Best Documentaries: “They were 100 Thousand” by Metin Kaya and “Me and Nuri Bala” by Melisa Önel

* Best First Documentary: “The Visitors” by Melis Birder and “Prison No. 5” by Çayan Demirel

[HH] International Film Competition:

* Best Film: “Paper Soldier”

* Best Director: Georgi Ovashvilli for “The Other Bank”

* Best Actor: Tedo Bechauri in “The Other Bank”

[HH] The Cinema Critics Association, or SİYAD Jury Award:

* Best National Film: “Bornova Bornova”

* Best International Film: “The Other Bank”

[HH] Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema, or NETPAC Jury Award:

* Best Film: “Thirst”

[HH] City Council Audience Award:

* Best National Film: “Love in Another Language”

[HH] Young Jury Award:

* Best International Film: “Eastern Plays”



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