Antalya students to see opera and ballet

ANTALYA - Anatolia News Agency | 9/30/2010 12:00:00 AM |

With a new project in the Mediterranean city of Antalya in the new opera and ballet season, students attending schools in the remote parts of the city will get the chance to experience opera and ballet. The social responsibility project 'A Piano, Four Soloists' will travel to a different school every week and aims to make people know and love this art at an early age

Within the scope of a project carried out by the Antalya State Opera and Ballet, students attending 31 schools in the Mediterranean city of Antalya and surrounding villages will see classical music compositions, operas and arias in the new opera and ballet season that starts this month.

Antalya State Opera and Ballet Director Nilay Genç said that they would perform many new works on stage in the new season. “The Antalya State Opera and Ballet aims to realize lots of projects in this season, especially social responsibility ones.”

Speaking about the new project “A Piano and Four Soloists,” Genç said: “Our opera and ballet performs its all operas, ballets and concerts on its own stage, the Haşim İşcan Cultural Center. But even though Antalya people’s interest increases in these shows, especially recent years, there are still many people who cannot afford to view opera and ballet shows. But it is possible to bring students together with the art of opera and ballet at an early age and to teach them the meaning of this art. From this point of view, the Antalya State Opera and Ballet, with the Antalya Provincial Education Directorate, will carry out this project in the new season.”

[HH] Teaching the art of opera and ballet

Genç said for free shows in previous years they had hosted students from different schools in the hall of the Antalya State Opera and Ballet. “Unfortunately, there are still students who were not able to come to our shows, and even those who do not know about the existence of this art. The main purpose of this project is to reach children who are living and studying in the remote parts of the city and do not have the social and economic opportunities to experience the art of opera and ballet. The first stage of the project is to reach out to these schools and make them experience this visual feast. And later on, we will host them in our hall.”

She said that the project “A Piano and Four Soloists” included soloists with different voices like sopranos, mezzo sopranos, tenors, basses and baritones, and a pianist. “In this way, people will have the chance to listen to the most magnificent voice in nature, the human voice. As you know, it is very hard to find pianos everywhere. When we consider the target audience of the project, we will use digital piano in this project to make it easier and more practical.”

She said that with the permission of the Antalya Education Directorate, they would go to some schools, have students listen to works that could be interesting for them and provide information about the works during a class hour. The project will travel to a different school every week. “We will go to 31 schools, including nine boarding schools, in different parts of Antalya.”

[HH] Children love art

Provincial Education Director Osman Nuri Gülay said that Antalya had become a brand in education with students’ successes on national exams and they had started many other projects to increase this educational success in the city. “We also want our children to become more social,” he said.

“The city has 886 schools and we want all the students to benefit from equal opportunities. As a result, we have made this collaboration with the State Opera and Ballet and we will bring works with themes on the love of nation, love of children, love of family and love of humanity to schools. This project will make children love art.”



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