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ANKARA – Anatolia News Agency

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AFP photo

AFP photo

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has called his U.S. counterpart, Hillary Clinton, to express his condolences after the suicide attack on the U.S. Embassy in Ankara that killed a security guard and seriously injured a journalist. 

Davutoğlu has briefed Clinton about the ongoing investigation into the incident and communicated the solidarity of the Turkish people, adding that all necessary precautions were being taken by the authorities, according to Anatolia news agency.
During the conversation, Clinton, who will soon be leaving her office to be replaced by Senator John Kerry, expressed her sadness at the attack and thanked Davutoğlu for the ongoing cooperation between the two countries.  

Davutoğlu also communicated on his Twitter account that he had spoken with Clinton about the latest situation after the attacks. 

He also wished a speedy recovery to injured diplomatic correspondent Didem Tuncay, adding that he had known her for a long time and had spoken with her father on the phone. “We are all praying for Didem,” Davutoğlu wrote.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement expressing its solidarity with the United States. “The attack on the U.S. Embassy is an act of terror targeting the democratic values that Turkey defends with the U.S., together with their other allies. Turkey will pursue its fight against terrorism with determination and with the continued cooperation of the U.S," the statement read.  


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Notice on comments

Dennis Kavaz

2/2/2013 9:14:09 AM

Yeah although the two men killed were not Americans nationals, just the same they were employed in the American (property) Embassy; thus it was a curtesy for the Turkish Authorities to send the American hierarchy their condolences. However according to the various reports the Killers (a coward) behaviours was well known to the TurkishPolice, how comes he escaped the Police networks and managed to kill 2 innocent people?

Tekion Particle

2/2/2013 8:56:57 AM

What is Davutoglu on? What ever it is he should come off it. It is a Turk that got killed...

Engin Atik

2/2/2013 4:13:04 AM

It is just common sense Clinton would call him first since the deceased were two turkish guards protecting the American Embassy. Then again it was Clinton's last day in the office and she might not have had time to call Davutoglu. But again America always follows the protocol. But what if this time they do not. So he called her.

mara mcglothin

2/1/2013 9:50:23 PM

I would hope that the US will beef up their own security forces in all embassies around the World OR close them.

cezer "çapulcu" skonore

2/1/2013 9:04:44 PM

The Turkish FM calls Clinton to express his condolences for who? the Turkish guard sadly died, the Turkish suicide bomber in pieces, and/or the Turkish journalist sadly injured?
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