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Both of these photos show Jian Feng's Chinese wife. Before (L) and after (R) she underwent $100,000 of plastic surgery.

Both of these photos show Jian Feng's Chinese wife. Before (L) and after (R) she underwent $100,000 of plastic surgery.

A man from northern China who divorced his wife before suing her earlier this year for being ugly has won $120,000 in a lawsuit, reported Fox 31. 

The man, who was identified as Jian Feng, accused his wife of cheating him on following the birth of their daughter.

Jian’s wife, who was not identified, admitted to the court that she had spent $100,000 on intensive plastic surgery to change her appearance before she met Jian but added that she had never told this to her husband.

Jian won the lawsuit after arguing that the woman convinced him to marry her under false pretenses.


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Notice on comments

Gwenn De Haan

3/17/2013 7:14:11 PM

All joking aside I think the man thought he was marrying an honest pretty face but in actuality he received a pretty face with a $100,000 debt. Remember the article states she spent not paid for these procedures prior to her marriage. The $120,000 judgement was his way of ensuring she pays for these bills (100,000) plus the court awarded him damages for her deception (20,000). If that is the case then I feel justice was served.

Nageyec Conduz

3/17/2013 4:07:54 PM

How ever ridiculous this story may sound, the man had the urge to take his case to a court of law, and court find the woman at fault. To win such a controversial case and receive such a colossal award, he must have had convincing evidence.

Carol Marque

3/17/2013 2:21:03 PM

I agree with the arguments that it is about deception, not ugliness (although in a way it is the latter), the man must be politically connected and this is just about as bizarre as it gets. What is wrong with this world?!!!


3/17/2013 12:00:12 PM

can you imagine Michael Jackson's wife's surprise when her children were born black?

Bob Szagun

3/17/2013 7:08:48 AM

@MR Somalia, Quote "All men should sue ugly wives, let me see if I have any...thinking....thinking..." They should sue you for female genital mutilation/female circumcision...as you know it's very ommon in Somalia!

Gwenn De Haan

3/17/2013 1:18:35 AM

Can he take her back to court if the baby turns out to be ugly too?

cemil ceyhun öğütmen

11/5/2012 8:43:19 PM

I can't help laughing this news for couple days. I have never read such a fool news :)

Fred Doyle

11/2/2012 10:50:25 PM

Imagine if a woman could sue her husband because he couldn't...perform. Or it was too small, and she didn't learn till her wedding night? So if a woman gets breast implants, and the husband thought they were real, he could sue?? I am guessing the husband is very well connected politically.

Arnold Yesovitch

11/2/2012 5:03:50 PM

Is the China court loco ? The woman spent her own money on herself before she met this man. was she supposed to show him before and after pictures ? He liked her based on what he saw not what was in the past.


11/1/2012 7:08:20 PM

I beg your pardon, she was NOT sued for being ugly but for being deceptive.
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