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The Atatürk monument in Istanbul’s Kadıköy Square will not be removed in line with an upcoming regeneration project, Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş has said, daily Hürriyet reported today.  

“Regularization will be conducted because of the subway [construction], but there are no thoughts or works to remove the Atatürk monument,” Topbaş said.  

It had been reported yesterday that the monument would be replaced with a fairground, according to private broadcaster NTV.  

The controversial transformation of the Haydarpaşa train station building is part of the same project to reorganize Kadıköy Square.

An extension building to a planned cultural center was set to replace the Atatürk monument, according to NTV.


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Notice on comments

turkic voice

12/9/2012 10:20:06 PM

If our religions allow us to take concessions in our belief and practices of our faith, just so that we people can simulate together better then we all may succeeded by now....look like a new profit may be needed again or maybe another son of god.

turk oz

12/9/2012 9:06:12 PM

@ TDN or HD why are you blocking my respond? I am getting an error message all the time. Shame on you you are NOT the newspaper once I'd loved. You ere not better then gossip newspapers.

andrew michael

12/9/2012 9:01:17 PM

Mr Kadir Topbaş, Shakespeare quoted "Hell have no fury like Erdogan scorned" unquote. You have been warned Mr Kadir Topbaş wait for the scorn.. dr andrew michael

Kerem Kemal

12/9/2012 7:06:06 PM

He is our Leader, forever.

mara mcglothin

12/9/2012 6:16:43 PM

SINAN Don't get it twisted! God used ATaturk to save the Turks!!! He was the only man who put the country before himself. That was the huge difference between him and the Sultans. Also, I am sure you are going to love this, but in the West when we study Ottoman history, the story goes that they were great conquerers until they got lazy and preferred to stay in the harem with their girlfriends instead of making war elsewhere. Ataturk is still the greatest staesman the World has ever seen!

Brit in Turkey

12/9/2012 6:09:04 PM

HDN have changed the headline and text to "will not be removed". Do you think our comments here forced the mayor to make a u-turn? 8-)

Ottoman Reactionary

12/9/2012 5:29:27 PM

@Adam Polk All Christians civilians survived Ottomans, unlike Pro-Attaturk forces "Young Turks" who rebelled against Abdul Hamid and by the way eradicated Armeinans in 1915.

Adam Polk

12/9/2012 3:07:20 PM

Sinan Osman, I am turkish. please comment about those Islamic Caliphs who killed their brothers and kids to stay in power for little longer. If you convince me ottoman Caliphs were judicious as much as Ataturk, I will apologize...

Ottoman Reactionary

12/9/2012 3:00:19 PM

@Adam Polk You are probably american if your last name is Polk, you have no right to comment about Ottoman Sultans, Caliphs because it is well known that americans and their friends hate everything related to Islamic Laws and Sharia. You probably think Human Rights are the right path to God. Democracy is far worst than Sultanate or Caliphate, but who am I telling to, World has gone MAD.

Turk Uzan

12/9/2012 2:50:46 PM

@ Sinan 2, fact of the matter is, I am proud of my Ottoman heritage, but unlike you I have no delusions about them being may I say God like men and or perfect. Esp the last few years of the Ottomans. Ataturk effectively made an army out of peasants and remnants of the old army. United, and lead the resistance to victory. He did not only fight countless enemies and defeated them one by one, he built the nation back up. EVERYTHING Turkey is today wouldn't have been if Ataturk wasn't there
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