Allianz Turkey introduces discount incentive for electric cars

Allianz Turkey introduces discount incentive for electric cars

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Allianz Turkey introduces discount incentive for electric cars

Having insurance contracts for only 37 electric cars currently has not stopped Allianz Turkey from introducing a discount incentive for the insurance of electric cars in order to meet its goals for sustainability strategy in the area of environment, even if the short term impact is clearly minimal in a country where more than 22 million cars are registered in traffic. 

Does it make sense to introduce such a solution? Allianz Turkey CEO Aylin Somersan Coqui was asked this question at a press conference organized to talk about how the group performed on the pledges it had voiced a year ago on adopting and implementing sustainability strategy. 

“We have to start from somewhere,” answered Coqui. Adding that four out of 10 cars are expected to be hybrid or electric by 2025, the purpose was to come up with incentives to in fact encourage the use of electric cars, she said. 

Introducing a discount up to 20 percent in the insurance of electric cars was one of the three sustainable solutions that Allianz Turkey initiated, the second one being put in force in the energy sector. Allianz Turkey developed a product for solar energy plants that will compensate independent of any physical damage and loss of profit due to low sunlight caused by negative whether conditions. 

The third sustainable solution, which came in the form of a preventive measure, is based on reminding customers of their right to a mammography through their health insurance with the motto “early diagnosis save lives.” As a result of reaching out to 40,500 of the 115,000 women over the age of 40, the number of mammographies for those insured in the control group increased from 8 to 54 percent. 

Allianz Turkey has also introduced measures within the group and monitors its sustainability performance at every step and reports it in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting standards, according to Coqui. As a result, the group has consumed 20 percent less electricity in 2017, 6.3 percent less water and 7 percent less paper per person in 2017.

Increasing the use of alternative energy sources, the group eliminated the use of 108,000 plastic bottles. The use of technology efficiently enabled around a 4.3 percent reduction of its carbon footprint through employee travels.

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