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Did Aliyev set an example intentionally?

AKİF BEKİ writes:

Azerbaijani President İlham Aliyev took constitutional amendments to a referendum five months ago and they were approved by a rate of 87 percent of the votes. He has now appointed his wife as the first vice president of Azerbaijan.

Comment(s) 2/24/2017

Would Putin further pressure our tolerance?

AKİF BEKİ writes:

The New York Times has reported that İlnur Çevik, the chief advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, “suggested that Turkey might tolerate some kind of Kurdish entity in northeastern Syria.”

Comment(s) 2/17/2017

Making brothers and sisters from naysayers and yea-sayers

AKİF BEKİ writes:

If you take your political campaign to mosques, then you should realize that you would be dividing the people who go to mosques to pray; you would be separating the congregants

Comment(s) 2/16/2017

Not all those declaring the ‘yes’ vote are sincere

AKİF BEKİ writes:

I was not surprised the slightest when I read a story covered by İhlas News Agency, which held the pulses of votes from eight provinces in the East and Southeast Anatolian regions about the referendum.

Comment(s) 2/6/2017

The blinding love of Turkey’s Trump fans

AKİF BEKİ writes:

In the eyes of his sympathizers, U.S. President Donald Trump is always great. Whatever he does, he never looks ugly to them. He may have unsettled the entire world, but Trump fans here in Turkey are still rejoicing. You can never hear them questioning the kind of disaster Trump’s presidency is.

Comment(s) 2/4/2017

What happens if you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’

AKİF BEKİ writes:

According to the discourse of Justice and Development Party (AKP), if you say “yes” in the referendum on constitutional change, we will get rid of centuries of status quo impositions, and the voice of terror organizations will be cut off.

Comment(s) 1/26/2017

Advice for the second round of presidential debates

AKİF BEKİ writes:

While the second round of debates in parliament is starting on constitutional changes, I refreshed my mind on certain speeches during the first round.

Comment(s) 1/19/2017

Socializing with the opposition leader

AKİF BEKİ writes:

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım likes to surprise. He did it again on the evening of Jan. 10 when he stepped into the opposition lobby of parliament while the first article in the constitutional changes was being debated. He had a glass of tea with opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu

Comment(s) 1/13/2017

The educational CV of an assassin

AKİF BEKİ writes:

Let’s go back to the night Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov became a victim of a dark assassination.

Comment(s) 12/30/2016

Would Putin make a true friend?

AKİF BEKİ writes:

Actually, this question should be rephrased as, “Would the EU make a strategic enemy and Putin a sound friend?” Well, let’s go further and question whether or not they would make you say, “Putin’s Russia is more trustworthy than the EU?”

Comment(s) 12/16/2016

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