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Turkey ranks 54 in the global list of corruption of Transparency International.

Turkey ranks 54 in the global list of corruption of Transparency International.

Five EU member states lag behind Turkey in Transparency International’s 2012 report, revealed yesterday, with Greece recognized as the most corrupt country in the 27-nation bloc. The report added that crisis-hit nations were being held back by an inability to deal with graft.

Turkey ranked 54, seven steps forward, in the nongovernmental organization’s global list of corruption, which Denmark tops with the best record.

Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria and Greece were the EU member states ranking below Turkey, respectively.

When Turkey’s non-EU trade partners are considered, Iraq ranked 169, Syria ranked 144 and Russia ranked 133.

Publishing its annual Corruption Perceptions Index, the Berlin-based watchdog ranked Greece 94th out of 176 countries. Perceived corruption in the country appeared to have worsened despite efforts to tackle graft. In last year’s index, the debt-ravaged country was ranked 80th on a scale of least corrupt to most corrupt.

Fellow eurozone struggler Italy also fared poorly, coming in 72nd – a decline from last year’s study when the country was ranked 69th.

The director of Transparency International (TI) in Germany, Edda Müller, told a news conference that the fight against corruption was intimately linked to the economic health of a country. “Therefore battling corruption is not just a moral necessity but it has a direct impact on the economic and political strength of a country.”

“The countries that are hardest-hit by the financial crisis have performed below expectations despite the reform efforts of recent months,” Müller said.

TI ranks countries on a scale from 0 (perceived to be highly corrupt) to 100 (perceived to be very clean).

Corruption awareness

There is stronger public recognition worldwide of the costs of corruption, including in large emerging “BRIC” economies such as China and Brazil, and a growing refusal to accept it as an inevitable fact of life, the report said.

At the top of the class this year were Denmark, Finland and New Zealand, each with a score of 90 due to “strong access to information systems and rules governing the behavior of those in public positions.”
Lawless Somalia, North Korea and Afghanistan remain rooted at the foot of the table, each scoring eight points. Afghanistan scored poorly despite efforts to tackle rampant corruption.


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Notice on comments

MR Somalia

12/7/2012 9:21:14 AM

This list from Kafir and Kufaris means nothing. What makes their lists the standard? What qualifies them as experts? Who gave them the right to even compile this fake report? Where is the data? Who did they meet? I just can't believe people like Hurriyet actually take them serious, for God sake, any Turkish college graduate can make the same claims from behind his computer. This is just rubbish. I can paint the world map all blue and call it "Somali cheerleaders". Yeah. Complete useless.

dogan kemal ileri

12/6/2012 11:03:28 PM

Transparency my foot everybody knows where the biggest crooks reside in the USA.Their banking empire aided and abetted by their side kick the UK are robbing the entire planet blind.Add up all the corruption in all the 83 Musliman states and it does not even come to a fraction of one company in the USA called ENRON for example and there are many many more.

Ioannis F.

12/6/2012 8:11:40 PM

this list is based on the public's PERCEPTION on coruption. Not ACTUAL corruption...

mara mcglothin

12/6/2012 4:52:41 PM

REDTAIL You are spot on! Isn't it amazing that the most unGodly countries actually maitain the highest ethical standards? Perhaps MR SOMALIA or JOHN ALBAY could enlighten us on this topic.

mara mcglothin

12/6/2012 4:50:52 PM

This is another example of "Even the fly on the top of the pile of cow dung is more important than the rest" Splitting hairs. Corruption is rampant and anyone who would deny this is either on the take themselves, or very naive.

Brit in Turkey

12/6/2012 4:44:50 PM

Red Tail. You must be looking at a different map to the rest of us. On the map I see yellow means good (eastern Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Chile) and red means bad.

Johanna Dew

12/6/2012 2:48:18 PM

Turkey refuse to open Competition chapter, hence its not transparent at all. Every business owner knows this. Less corruption yes but not less transparency.


12/6/2012 2:23:39 PM

@john albay, you are right. "Surly" is the right adjective to describe how many Turkish businessmen are when told to stop bribery and corruption. And "slowly", oh so very slowly. So slowly in fact that the AKP have refused to open the competition chapter in the ascension process, for fear of being exposed.

Recep Ozel

12/6/2012 12:02:14 PM

There are many things this report does not capture. For example, as a business owner or prominent person in Turkey, if you refuse to be an official member of the AKP party you are hit with new taxes and court proceedings!! This is now common and openly done. Does that count as corruption??

john albay

12/6/2012 11:16:07 AM

well slowly but surly we are going in the right direction.
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