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KÜTAHYA - Anadolu Agency

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The mask of the skeleton was found along with the face and the body.

The mask of the skeleton was found along with the face and the body.

A 2,000-year-old skeleton with a mask on its face has been found in the Aizanoi ancient city in Kütahya, during excavations in the area which have been continuing for two years now with new findings emerging.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, excavation group president Pamukkale University Archeology academic Elif Özer said the excavations had been ongoing since 2011, and many findings had been excavated from the area. The skeleton was excavated from the northern part of the necropolis eras.

The mask of the skeleton was found along with the face and the body. This mask is thought to have been used in the burial ceremonies in Aizonoi, said Özer. The mask was put on the face of the dead and this might signify the relation of the dead with the ceremony of Dionysos.

At the same time, excavations in Rome, Italy also uncovered masks. These masks have been related to ancestor cult, according to Özer. “We are doing research on this issue,” she added.

Özer said the information about the findings was yet to be determined, and the masks that had been excavated from the theater area and necropolis area were different. The theater area excavations also revealed Eros masks and Eros sculptures.


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Notice on comments

Vangelis Denaxas

8/23/2013 4:27:03 PM

Just a small mention here, that there is a slight possibility that Dionysus' cult was brought to Greeks from the Thracians and that it was adopted especially by some Greek state-cities, like Athens.

Stefanos Kalogirou

8/20/2013 12:30:05 PM

The words "Greek" or "Hellenistic" are taboo words for anadolu agency. Do not expect to see them in the articles. Look for the comments or google the info provided to learn more about.

john albay

8/20/2013 12:02:55 PM

@silent. very interesting,thank you for this information.

Silent Resident

8/20/2013 6:13:21 AM

The masks are nothing new ^_^ Many such masks were excavated in Italy, Greece and other parts of the hellenistic world. Dionysus was really very popular in ancient times and had many cults devoted to him. Dionysus was the Greek God of Festivals and Wine (the alcoholic drink) while Eros was the Greek God of Sex and Love. The Roman counterparts were Bacchus and Cupid respectively. These Gods were part of the paganistic religions of ancient Rome and Greece, before these countries adopt Christinity
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