WSJ reporter responds to Erdoğan's remarks

WSJ reporter responds to Erdoğan's remarks

WSJ reporter responds to Erdoğans remarks

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Wall Street Journal reporter Joe Parkinson has taken a recent conflict between the newspaper and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to the microblogging website Twitter, saying WSJ reporters "report the news" and do not comment on it.
Parkinson tweeted through his personal account that none of the WSJ reporters were planning to make statements regarding Erdoğan's harsh criticism of the media giant over a recent news report that claimed a Turkish jet was over Syrian waters when it was shot down on June 22.
"To those asking if WSJ reporters will make statements about PM Erdoğan's remarks, the answer is no,” Parkinson tweeted. "We don't make statements, we report the news."

Erdoğan has accused the American daily of being biased ahead of U.S. elections, saying "they have published lies before."
“Who are these sources?” Erdoğan asked during an event in the Central Anatolia province of Kayseri, calling on the WSJ to reveal its sources and accusing the paper of “cowardice” by concealing the origin of their stories
An unarmed Turkish military jet was shot down June 22 by Syria. Turkey claims the plane was shot in international airspace with a heat- or laser-guided missile, but Syria rejects the claims, saying the Turkish jet was shot by anti-aircraft gunners as it flew at an altitude of 100 meters within Syrian airspace.
Erdoğan’s remarks came after Turkey’s military denied WSJ’s report, arguing that the incident occurred over international waters while showing a map showing the plane’s alleged position.

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