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Just back from vacation. That wonderful feelingof freedom and relaxation makes one more sexual, doesn’t it?

Flexible schedules, long and late breakfasts,late nights, the sand, the sea and the sun. More importantly, increased alcoholconsumption. Loved one right beside you 24/7. What more can anyone want?

You know what I’m talking about. Everythingseems to be easier, better, more optimistic while away from home on vacation.No anxiety, no daily schedule, no traffic, no errands to run.   

Sex educator Logan Levkoff, the author of “How to Get Your Wife to Have Sex with You,” says, "Morethan anything, vacations should be about reconnecting with your partner anddisconnecting from your daily life.”

I don’t know how vacation works for you. But Ifeel that we are horribly fooled by and extensively and negatively impacted bymovies and television into an inflated illusion of “vacation and relationship.”We add more meaning to what a vacation is or can ever be.

ROMANTIC AND SEXY: TV star PınarAltuğ kisses her young husband Yağmur Atacan during their Bodrum vacation.Hürriyet Photo

I mean if you have problems in yourrelationship, a vacation or a trip cannot help you very much. It can only giveyou unrealistic perceptions. If your partner can’t get it up, he is unlikely tobe able to do so during your vacation. If you have a “cold” wife, then there islittle chance that she will turn into someone who wants to have sex with youanytime, anywhere.

Romance by the poolside, long walks on thebeach, watching the sunset while drinking champagne, no kids, no moneyproblems, the feeling that your body is in perfect shape, the guy near you doesnot look at any of the girls on the beach, your wife doesn’t have a tummy andyou have six packs, food is cheap and delicious with no foreseen digestionproblems, no mosquitoes, planes arrive on time, no luggage lost, wonderfulpeople around you, new and 100 percent reliable friends, all kinds of positivefeelings whirling around you… Who would not want to be involved in sexualactivity? Enjoy the best of one’s partner? Activate one’s own best performance?Try new things? Overcome boundaries?

That happens only in filmsand television serials. They happen in three minutes. They take up a maximum offive minutes on the screen. Real vacations are longer. 

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