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U.S. State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland. Hürriyet photo

U.S. State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland. Hürriyet photo

U.S. Ambassador to Turkey Francis Ricciardone said nothing new in critical comments levied against Turkey, U.S. State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland said in her daily press briefing Feb. 7.

“This is nothing new from our point of view. We have always been very clear on these issues before the public and during private meetings. Ambassador Ricciardone only repeated what [former] Secratary of State Clinton has already said, and I am sure that Secretary of State John Kerry will say the same things when he has the opportunity to speak in public on these issues,” Nuland told reporters.

Nuland added that the friends and allies of Turkey would continue to insist, with due respect, on the importance of improving human rights in Turkey. 

Responding to a question on the meeting between Ricciardone and Sinirlioğlu, Nuland said it would be more appropriate to ask this question to the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

During a recent meeting with Ankara media bureau chiefs, Ricciardone had criticized the arrests of military officers, non-violent protesters and professors on unclear charges. “You have your military leaders, who were entrusted with the protection of this country, behind bars as if they were terrorists,” he said, referring to hundreds of military officers behind bars as part of the ongoing  “Balyoz” (Sledgehammer) and other court cases. 

“When a legal system produces such results and confuses people like that for terrorists, it makes it hard for American and European courts to match up. We are working to reconcile our legal processes in both countries,” he said.


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Notice on comments

Ken Alden

2/9/2013 8:17:08 AM

It's damned if you do and damned if you dont! For years, European Countries were d4i5isizin Turkey about Military involvemet in Politics, now that it has been accomplished, abeit drastically, the Criticism goes on! Otherwise I do agree with the rest of the Criticism but it should have been expressed privatelly! By the way Mr. President Barak Obama, your State Dep't is running amok, who is in charge Mr. President?

sid solo

2/8/2013 11:33:51 PM

To all those "oh so righteous" US commentators: Stop listening to your corrupt corporate media, and also stop playing world police, the"greatest nation" game, or whatever else you are indoctrinated with and have made yourselves believe! The issue with Ricciardone is, as an ambassador he has his duties and that does not include sticking his nose into internal affairs. Turks are quite capable sorting their own rubbish out by themselves, and don't need his input.

Jim Phipps

2/8/2013 6:00:01 PM

Turkey get ready for a new normal. It is called a legitimate criminal justice system. Meetings with Iran and Egypt is a lesson for the USA where Turkey is going. The new normal will mean a freezing of US-Turkish Relations. Unlike Turkey, we have a real Bill of Rights. Turkey remains mired in its Ottoman past. I'm all for the USA completely leaving Turkey & NATO. Also send all Turkish citizens back to Turkey from the USA. Let Turkey become the Iran of Europe & Asia. Adios boys!

KuriouserN Kuriouser

2/8/2013 5:02:34 PM

As an American I am against US measures such as NDAA and welcome any criticism at all of any unjust practices. This is why I don't understand the common Turkish response that vehemently protests criticism of its government imprisoning journalists and students for years without a trial instead of the internal injustices themselves. This reaction is very misplaced to me. Protest those who violate your rights, not those who stand up for them.


2/8/2013 4:51:50 PM

@mistique holland. The US does not use drones to kill "innocent people." It uses them to kill those who are clasified as terrorist and enemies of the State. The latter includes the Taliban, al-Qaeda and the likes. Unfortunately and to everyone's dismay, surgical strikes are not always as surgical as they are intended to be resulting in collateral damage. A term meant to describe unintended casualties. The legitimacy of this process is currently under scroutiny by US lawmakers. Regards

suat yildirim

2/8/2013 4:40:44 PM

Why do we care what the others doing . Importing thing is what we are doing is wrong.We must sort our self our wrong doings. Why do you get upset they are telling the truth.

Anderson Joel

2/8/2013 4:38:43 PM

The US must back his Ambassdaor of course,what do you think they will do,yesterday they said he appologised,where and how did he appologised but l quote he said'' public and during private meetings,Ambassador Ricciardone only repeated what [former] Secratary of State Clinton has already said, and I am sure that Secretary of State John Kerry will say the same things when he has the opportunity to speak in public on these issues,”where is the appology.AKP is being foolled by Mr Çelik.

mara mcglothin

2/8/2013 4:30:06 PM

Yeah the USA is a really evil corrupt place! You guys refuse to understand that the people being detained in Guantanamo have lawyers, halal foods, times and places to pray and a lot better conditions that most prisoners. I don't think they should have the rights that they have. Their problems are their own countries of origin won't take them back, so they have no place to go. Perhaps Turkey would like to take them in? MISTIQUE You got your Cuban history all screwed up.

mistique holland

2/8/2013 3:54:20 PM

America should look towards themselves. Look at Guantanamo Bay where they keep hundreds of peopls over 10 years with NO right of justice.Do they remember their attacks on Irak where they have found NOTHING, their involvement in Vietnam where they had NO business,.the way they turned their back on Fidel Castro in the fifties...and not forgetting the soldiers in Afghanistan who have murdered complete innocent families and the murdering drones they use on innocent people. USA is the worst country.

suat yildirim

2/8/2013 3:40:51 PM

We don't like to hear the truth .
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