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After the first inspection, police forces said Tuğba Erdoğan’s scarf got tangled in the shaft of the cart. DHA photo

After the first inspection, police forces said Tuğba Erdoğan’s scarf got tangled in the shaft of the cart. DHA photo

A Turkish university student was decapitated yesterday in a go-cart accident at a circuit located in Adapazarı, a town in the west of Istanbul. 

Tuğba Erdoğan was wearing the security belt, but she reportedly tied it around her neck instead of her chest. However, after the first inspection, police forces said Erdoğan’s scarf got tangled in the shaft of the cart, which led to the tragedy.

After completing a few laps, the 24-year-old lost control of her go-cart while turning a corner and crashed into the safety barriers. Witnesses told Doğan News Agency that something tightened around her neck and cut off her head with the force of the crash. 
Erdoğan, a second year engineering student at Sakarya University, went with her friends to the go-cart circuit located in a mall close to the Istanbul highway around noon. Witnesses at the site of the accident were reportedly in a state of shock when the police arrived on the scene. An investigation has been launched into the accident. Her body was sent to forensics specialists in Istanbul for an autopsy.


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Notice on comments

Turkish Sal

2/11/2013 6:59:30 PM

Turk Uzan: Fine, no EU but I'm just sick of being in a country where everything operates inefficiently with a backwards mentality. Nothing operates smoothly in Turkiye! So yes, aspiring to achieve EU standards without joining looks very appealing. If only our judiciary could be dismantled and we relied strictly on EU rule of law. Point to an alternative that will dispose of this judicial culture and impossible-to-deal-with bureaucracy.


2/11/2013 1:18:09 PM

"There is VERY little chance of EU trade legislation being negative for us, and the same chance will still exists". Not true, just 1 example, due to customs union and because Turkey has no say, Turkey is obliged to import tax free goods from third party countries which the EU makes free trade deals with. In return Turkish goods are subjected to tax. EU has improved the living standards of every member so far. Just look at the facts, EU countries are among the highest in Human Development Index.

Turk Uzan

2/11/2013 5:49:51 AM

@ Baris, Even if in some fantasy world we did join the EU, we'd be alone among a group of nations who have seen us as a threat for the past thousand years, what ever happens it won't be in our interests. We should strife to implement all the human rights etc the EU has and we are already largely bound by them like you've pointed out. So why join? Most do now want EU. so it can't be an incentive for better human rights/living conditions. Technology and the people's will are the only way

Turk Uzan

2/11/2013 5:42:07 AM

@ Baris 2.1, the EU will have FAR more influence over Turkey than Turkey will "ever" be able to influence trade policy. There is VERY little chance of EU trade legislation being negative for us, and the same chance will still exists. Nay, be much LARGER if we do join. Since if they take a decision that's extremely negative for us we are still forced to comply. The EU Doesn't magically improve living standards and human rights,


2/10/2013 4:53:00 PM

We don’t have most of the EU benefits. Our children still fall down open sewers, our people are still put in jail for chanting slogans, we have no influence on EU decisions which may adversely affect Turkey and her trade, etc. EU is partly responsible for Turkey’s economic development. Prospect of joining EU's economy and democracy has given Turkey prestige. Why give up on that? We should work at Freedom as a nation, yet most striking improvements took place when implementing EU driven changes.


2/10/2013 4:52:19 PM

“.. you have no idea what you are talking about”. That’s a big statement, Turk Uzan, how do you know what the extent of my knowledge is? Well, Turkey’s judiciary is not independent and is already bound by Turkey’s commitment to international treaties and membership of the Council of Europe. Turkey has accepted that ECtHR decisions supersede those of its own courts. EU law is based on rule of law and designed to protect the safety and the rights of EU public. What’s wrong with being part of that?

lara ulusoy

2/9/2013 12:31:05 PM

My deepest condolences to Tugba's family and friends.May she rest in peace and may God give them the strenth and patience to go through this horrific loss. My prayers are with them every second.What Turkey needs is intensive courses in safe thinking. Almost everything lacks safety and people are being offered to death on a silver platter! Who should straighten this up?Why aren't strict rules put and somebody should be there 2make sure they are implemented instead of wondering which villa to buy!

Turk Uzan

2/9/2013 2:18:24 AM

@ Turkish Sal .. How is joining Europe an incentive if we do not want it .. use a bit of common logic please. Joining the EU used to be an incentive today it's merely a formality, a game we play along. With prosperity, internet, technology aka a smaller world, people will become more demanding. In the next 10 years Turkey will radically change mostly for the better. But it won't be the EU, US, NATO, UN or any NGO that will,should or can accomplish that. It's the Turkish people

Turk Uzan

2/9/2013 1:17:20 AM

@ Baris 1.2 I study International Business and Management and with that comes EU and International Law, I can assure you that the benefits DEFINITELY do not outweigh the costs. We could push for preferential treatment, more economic cooperation etc. without having to become a member and giving up any influence we have on our own laws. Freedom etc doesn't fall from the sky,It's not something you ask for, it's something you work for as a nation, You should try to join the rest of us in reality,

Turk Uzan

2/9/2013 1:03:25 AM

@ Baris, 1.1 Please do not reply do me if you have no idea what you are talking about. The EU is a Supranational organization, meaning that their law and regulations become of a higher order. AKA you give up any power you hold over your national judicial system. And although ours may be far from perfect, this doesn't mean we should give up our sovereignty to ANY union, benefits? What benefits? We already HAVE most of the benefits without burdens like paying for our neighbors debt.
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