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Tyche Shrine is 1,800 years old and opened in Side after restoration. DHA photo

Tyche Shrine is 1,800 years old and opened in Side after restoration. DHA photo

The 1,800-year-old Tyche Shrine in Side has been restored and opened to visitors with a ceremony attracting a number of senior figures.

Speaking at a ceremony for the shrine, Antalya Gov. Ahmet Altıparmak said it was very important to unearth cultural artifacts buried under the soil.

Altıparmak also said there were many valuable unearthed monuments and works in the region around Side. The remains are still standing but excavations need to be undertaken, according to Altıparmak.

Altıparmak said Side Mayor Abdulkadir Uçar was intent on unearthing the artifacts. “The mayor always came to me with projects that are applicable.”

Uçar also spoke at the opening ceremony, saying Altıparmak had extended great support to Side for numerous excavations and projects.

The total restoration cost is 938,000 Turkish Liras, said Uçar. “Part of this money has been given by the Historical Cities Association, and the other part was given by businessman İnan Kıraç.”

The protection architectural plan of Side was approved by the Regional Protection Directorship.


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Pawel Bury

5/21/2013 9:12:59 AM

Good thing they restored the Greek Goddess of Fortune cause Greek monuments are bringing cash in Turkey. What I cannot understand (well I do but fellow Turks won't like the explanation) is this obsession with the flags. Anywhere you look in Turkey you see flags. Flags even on the monument, not one, plenty of them. It's ruining the picture.
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