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The revival of the Kurdish language in Turkey is continuing at full speed, as an academic journal is being prepared by one of the Kurdish language and literature departments in Turkey.

In order to advance the Kurdish Studies Department at Dicle University in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır, the “International Journal of Kurdish Studies” will be published in four languages: Kurdish, Turkish, Russian and English.     

“We will publish scientific studies in Kurdish from the Kurdish world,” said Karacan, “Russia is more experienced than we are - in 1956 Saint Petersburg University’s Kurdish department prepared and published grammar books. We could prepare and publish newer, up-to-date versions.”

The Kurdish Studies Department’s website and journal are expected to be launched this year and includes linguistic, literary, historical, sociological and psychological articles.     

Articles, submitted from all over the world, will be translated into Kurdish and other languages. They will also be published in the “International Journal of Kurdish Studies” after being reviewed by academic committees.

“Because of the democratization package, we are now able to write academic articles in Kurdish,” said, Hasan Karacan, Associate Professor at Dicle University’s Kurdish Language and Literature department.


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