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Pınar Yeşilada’s show ‘Oblivion’ will be in Geneva from March 4 to 29.

Pınar Yeşilada’s show ‘Oblivion’ will be in Geneva from March 4 to 29.

Turkish sculptor Pınar Yeşilada’s exhibition titled “Oblivion” will open on March 4 at Collection Heritage in the Swiss city of Geneva. In the exhibition, the artist questions social memory and the effects of violence on generations. 

“Ever since the days of patriarchy, each successive phase of social organization and management models has been doleful. Every social change [the process of revolution] is a history of conflicts evolving into a consensus, proving ‘no birth can take place painlessly and without blood.’ Social and economic crisis processes are closely linked with this model. The evolutionary models of change do not display or make explicit the conflicting elements in terms of the change extending over time. However, when they take on the tangibility that has to finally materialize and refract, the cogwheels of history begin to roll,” says Yeşilada about the exhibition on her website.

“When we observe, starting from ancient societies, the history of this geography is the history of dis-remembrance. The governmental cruelty of the Seljuqs [for example, the Babai Insurgencies] was forgotten by Bektashism becoming a governmental project and being interiorized a century later.”

“Oblivion” will remain open through March 29, every day except Sunday.


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